Ever since it's release i was interested in picking up Dragon Age: Origins. This is totally not my type of game and im sure alot of other people feel the same way. I really never got into traditonal RPG's and i can't stand MMO's. But given that i am a Bioware loyalist, and their track record I had to try it. Turns out im totally addicted to it. The Soundtrack is lovely and the scenery is beautiful. There are certain glitches and load times are a bit excessive at times but none of these should spoil your gameplay. The action is just not my style like many other RPG's like the "Tales" series but i've learned to look past it. There is so much to do and so many game altering choices to be made this game should clear 100 hours no problem. You'll start by picking your player wether a rogue, or a mage or just a palin ol' warrior type. Then pick your race like human, elf, or dwarf. Customization is alot like Bioware's other masterpeice Mass Effect. There is alot you can do to your character which is great. Dragon Age: Origins delivers in almost all areas and cinematics are awe-inspiring at times. Some moments are so intense it's hard to find a place to stop. Though not as good as it's PC version it's still well worth anyones time wether your into RPG's or not.


Sean Lester