For those among us who enjoy a traditional RPG, this is an excellent game. The game is downright fun to play and the ability to play it a few times in a row without losing the edge is a definite testament to the quality of a game. You can conceivably play this game 5 or 6 times and get a totally different resulting story flow. The dialogue options are particularly amusing and can have some fun with the NPCs as a result. Overall, the graphics, while not the finest I've seen, get the job done. The sound is well done, the music, sound effects, and voice acting are all quite good. The controls are solid. The story is a bit generic but it's still enjoyable. The characters all have a definitive personality and varied sense of ethics. Occasional glitches are nothing too serious or common. Apart from a few technical bugs and the visuals being a little bit on the average side, it's a very well balanced and enjoyable game. If you like role playing games it's a definite must-play.