Dragon age is by far the best, deepest, and most in depth RPG i have ever seen on PS3.

While not as open as Oblivion, it still has tons and tons of side quests, leveling, character building, item hunting, etc.

The combat is fluid and fun, with the option to pause and micro manage the battle, or tweak each party members tactics indivudaly. The tactic system is VERY well made, you can set everything form waiting, to moveing, to certin spells and attacks to be used in very sepecific situatinos.


The other great thing about Dragon Age is the weight every decision you make has. Not only will it change the world around you but your party members will like or dislike you based on the decisions you make. So much so that you may find them in love with you, or betraying you. This makes every dialog option hold far more meaning then in most games

While there are one or two bugs every now and again, I have never seen anything quest or game breaking, and this is very impressive when you look at other big RPGs like Oblivion that seem to be littered with small bugs.

Overall you simply wont find a better RPG on Playstation3