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Dragon Age: Inquisition

A Conversation For The Ages – Talking Dragon Age: Inquisition

A lot of stories will give you a single opinion on Dragon Age: Inquisition, but this story is giving you two opinions for the price of one. However, when it comes to BioWare’s upcoming fantasy RPG, those opinions might be fairly similar.

Ben: Hey Kim, we both just walked out of the Dragon Age demo, and I don’t know about you, but I felt like high fiving after that.

Kim: I absolutely felt the same. I was worried that going for a larger world might hinder other aspects, but whoa...that felt like a real, living world. I like how it was torn up due to the war too, so it fit with the storyline. What’d you think about the environments?

Ben: I love it. The demo reminded me of Skyrim, but in some strange ways it seemed more lifelike. The world seems denser. I liked the part where the party was wondering through the forest and they got attacked by a bear. A moment later they were fighting bandits and then getting a side quest from an old beggar woman. I also love how the environment reacted to the battles. You could see the trees sway when a dragon passed overhead and a wooden dock started to fall apart after it had been set on fire.

Kim: That fight with the massive dragon the Ferelden Frostback was great! I liked how fast and fluid the combat looked, but despite you having all these fancy moves in your arsenal, dragons are still really tough to take down. In fact, I liked how the dragon moved around on the battlefield, finding different vantage points, and that it was smart enough to retreat after it took a fair share of damage. The combat in general plays out more naturally. What did you think of the tactical combat that let you survey things and plan out the most advantageous areas for your party members depending on their skills?

Ben: I love the idea, I guess I’d like to understand how it works a little more. Maybe that’s one of those things that you actually have to get your hands on to fully grok, but it looks cool regardless. I think I’ll probably spend a lot of time in the tactical mode, because I love strategy games, so this kind of seems like the best of both worlds, people who love strategy can slow down the combat and plan out all their moves and those who prefer quick action can ignore it altogether. Here’s a smooth segue; what do you think about the game’s story? Think it will be better than Dragon Age 2?

Kim: I like what I’m hearing about how who you bring into the party for certain missions will have different consequences later on. I think that’s an interesting dilemma to put you in as an Inquisitor. I also liked how different party members will have different stakes in the journey and those will be reflected in the narrative. For instance, if you play as a mage for a mission where you’re confronting a corrupt mage, they might know the person or have more thoughts on the matter. I think giving you so much power to shape the world as you want will be a cool and also intense. BioWare has been building up the war between the Templars and mages, and you finally get a say in how you think things should be approached. And you know no matter what you do, somebody is going to be hurt. Dragon Age II got the war going, but Dragon Age: Inquisition is not only about ending that war, but preventing an even greater catastrophe; the world’s fate is in your hands. The new party members haven’t grabbed me yet, but I haven’t heard much about who they are other than brief backgrounds and a personality trait or two. But let me say this, Leianna has really transformed...she’s just so cold and badass from what we saw. BioWare has been building her up as an agent of the Divine, so seeing her back is great. I think she’s going to bring a lot to the table. How’d you feel about the characters?

Ben: Kim! You just wrote a lot; you overachiever! I don’t need to write that much. I thought Leianna was hot. Go ahead, call me a pig.

Kim: I will not, I'm above that, and you should be too. You know I love my Dragon Age; I can’t help but get excited, but seriously I feel much more confident and excited for the game. October 7 can’t come soon enough.

Ben: Then I'll really want to high five!


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  • Out of the... what... 4 fantasy RPGs?... that were shown at E3, this one has me the most interested.
  • Inquisition sounds great.

  • I hope they show some more game play in the months between now and release. I can't get enough of this game. Keep it coming Bioware!

  • I don't like the sound of the combat. Mainly because of the 'you can ignore the tactical' aspect comment. That has me quite worried it will be as junky as Da2 and the tactical aspects will only be gimmicky, as in not actually needed. Fleshed out world as it sounds is quite an improvement though.
  • A world more lifelike than Skyrim?! Blasphemy....nay Balderdash!

  • Somehow I doubt they can cater to both the tactical and "action" markets...
  • Mod

    Ben: "wondering around the forest" "have to get your hands on to fully grok"

    Just how much did you drink at E3 Ben?

  • Oh god, from what it sounds like they're trying to bring back the "awesome button" type of gameplay that DA2 tried to promote. I at least hope the AI is up to snuff, but from that gameplay video they showed with the dragon it didn't look like much of a threat. I just want this game to be a sequel to Origins rather than a sequel to DA2, is that too hard to ask for Bioware? I'm sure most fans of the series would agree.
  • This game and I are going to spend lots and lots of hours together. No such thing as sleep for at least a week after this game and Mordor releases.
  • I'm totally sold on this game, the dragon fight during the conference had me picking my jaw of the floor as I was clicking the preorder button. Looking forward to getting lost in this one!
  • This game just gets more and more mind shockingly stunning. Between this, The Witcher 3, The order 1886, Far Cry 4, AC Unity, Alien Isolation, Borderlands, Destiny, Evolve, and Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor I will have no life outside of games for a while!
  • It looks like they've really brought Dragon Age back up to epicness. Origins was one of the best RPG's I've ever played and the DLC and expansions were just as good. DA:2 was a massive disappointment for so many reasons it would take to long to type but Bioware not creating a lick of DLC for it spoke volumes to what they even thought about it. I'm stoked for Inquisition and I feel they've really got the series back on track.
  • Meh... It looks beautiful and all but DA2 was a massive downgrade to the combat. Being able to play as billions of race really doesn't make up for not being able to pick your combat style.


  • meh. I watched a gameplay demo on youtube, saw a very jumpy camera, the dragon looks very blocky which is just sad, and the combat doesn't look much more remarkable from other DA games.

    this will be a rental, I think.