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Dragon Age: Inquisition

New Images Show Off Dragon Age: Inquisition's Winter Palace In Halamshiral

A new collection of images from BioWare shows off Dragon Age: Inquisition's Winter Palace in Halamshiral location.

An area unaffected by the raging civil war in the Orlesian countryside, Halamshiral is home to rich nobles who remain content as long as the money keeps rolling in.

The images showcase a costume party getting ready to take place at the Winter Palace, "A magnificent Orlesian structure built on ancient elven grounds."

In this level, the Inquisition will be here in attempts to prevent an assassination. You can read more about the Winter Palace of Halamshiral by heading here.

For more on Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 7, click the banner below.

[Source: Dragon Age: Inqusition]

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  • Dammit Bioware you're like my ex, teasing and teasing until I get too tired of it and move on and to someone who gives me action up front!
  • I want to get back into Dragon Age, but the misstep they made with DA2 hurt me so badly. If it gives me the feeling I had when I played through DA:Origins (again and again) I would buy it without hesitation.
  • Dragon Age has got to be my favorite fantasy series ever. One thing I am excited about for this game the lore. Both DA:O and DA2 had plenty of interesting things worth reading and listening to.
  • These screens are amazing looking. Can't wait for this part of the story. Very few games (or at least games that I've played) have missions like this. It'll be fun to see the different ways this portion of the game can play out.

    P.S. You're a little late with these screens GI.

  • Looking forward to this.. I know DA2 disappointed a lot of folks, not so much me, I enjoyed it for what it was - an inferior follow-up to DAO.

    Already have this pre-ordered.. aside from Wild Hunt for next year, probably won't be pre-ordering much else for a while.

  • Not to be that guy but this has to be ***. There's no way the final product will be this. Every game is made to look better than how it turns out to be when its shipped.
  • Ok I'm kind of getting tired of them showing off shiny buildings and vistas. Can we get a good in depth combat trailer now?
  • It looks pretty but I'm wanting to see some new gameplay other than the year old demo floating around.
  • I have done enough internet digging to know they have learned from dragon age 2 (which even though it isnt as good as DA:O its not as exaggerating bad as some people say) and I think this game will be a lot more amazing than both games combine. However I will hold 100% judgment until I play the game myself. Cant wait though, will be upgrading my pre-order for the one with the extra dlc things.

  • I'm a bit perplexed why they're JUST now at an Alpha when the game needs to be finished by the next few months.
  • Yay, we go to Lilliana's homeland!

  • A Game of Thrones type death would be very interesting in this level.

  • Wait... does this mean I can bang Elsa?
  • Those screenshots remind of the ballroom dancing scene in FF 8. Aaahhh the memories.

  • Never played the previous ones, but this game does look pretty interesting.

  • Given that this game just reached Alpha 4 months till release, im guessing that i will be clipping through that ballroom floor into a hard crash many many times. This game is going to be buggier then Battlefield 4.
  • That house with dead bodies, Fenris's castle? Also the first one looks like Beauty and the Beast Ball room :)
  • This game looks absolutely amazing! Will get Dragon Age back to where it should be!

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