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BioWare's Latest Concept Art Shows Off Variety

BioWare has taken to regularly releasing new concept art from Dragon Age: Inquisition via its social media platforms, and the latest collection continues to impress.

The image above was tweeted out along with the message, "Foul and corrupt are they who have taken His gift and turned it against His children.” 

You can view the newest art in the gallery below and keep up with new art releases on BioWare's Storify page. Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled to release this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. For more information on this title, check out our cover story hub.

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  • These screen shots continue to get better and better, I'm eagerly waiting to slay once again in this world. DA: Origins had some of my favorite combat, while it had it's issues it was so calculating! DA: 2 was good but they took a step back in my opinion with the story while refining the gameplay a bit more. Hopefully they can put these two together and hit a home run with Inquisition.
  • i wish i had their talent only talented people can become artist
  • Very high hopes. They seem to be on track with redeeming themselves for DA2's lack of content.

  • I love concept art!

  • I need to reserve this.

  • I love the concept art too, I really think this dragon age will be more similar to dragon age origins but alot much better. World,gameplay wise. I just hope the story is also a lot better too. "All praise the maker" :p hopefully we can meet the maker if there is one, which i hope there is to make it more interesting. Maybe a corrupt maker thats need to be purified.
  • Hopefully all of this makes it into the game

  • Its so weird, because alot of this art reminds me of the Banner Saga

  • Enough of Artwork and give us some gameplay footage or better, a demo(Just like they did with DA2), I mean I like the artwork and all but It will be better to see how its being played

  • EA I hope you DONT rush bioware to get this game out fast. I am sure we rather have a GOOD game over a unfinished one to be played earlier. I hope Dragon Age 2 and Battlefield 3 served as a lesson. They were ok but could have been better if they had more time.
  • Man, those look really awesome!!

  • Awesomesauce. I have faith that Bioware will deliver beyond our expectations.

  • If I am not mistaken, the featured picture at the top looks like a scene from a flashback. There is a Mage defending a camp, a baby being taken away, Templars approaching, someone cutting the hand off, hmmm....
  • I desperately hope this game will live up to its promise.

  • Mod

    The concept art looks amazing. I'm also getting a little bit of a Demon's/Dark Souls vibe from a couple of these.

  • Looks awesome--can't wait for this game!

  • Some of these are kind of old, but whatever. Matt Rhodes is still one hell of a concept artist.

  • with last gen, concept art always looked much better and richer than the actual game. hopefully, next gen will fix that

  • So far this is the only game I care about this year lol if it weren't on the 360 I would have bought a new console just for it.

  • If this is a true open-world version of Dragon Age, I am SOLD.

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