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Dragon Age: Inquisition

A Terrifying Look At Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition may be delayed until the fall of next year, but at least this trailer should keep you going until then.

Developer BioWare is promising more complex characters and meaningful choices, and lets hope the extra development time lets this come to pass.

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  • I am glad it was delayed, hoping they would not rush this as Origins as a brilliant game I beat a half dozen times.

  • Sounds like a good direction for the series. Ok BioWare, I'll be listening to see the new things you bring to the table...

  • i lost it when i seen morrigan, i am so amped for this

  • I loved the first DA, & enjoyed the second despite it's shortcomings. this is one of next gen's most exciting titles for me.

  • Complex and meaningful are relative terms these days, so... tell me if the game will be like the first or second iteration.

    Morrigan... don't get my hopes up.

  • So excited !! :D

  • Varric and Morrigan! I was already on board months ago when I heard the name Dragon Age: Inqiuisition! Super excited for this one.

  • Small typo in the headline.  You put Dragon Age: Inquisition, but really meant to say JADE EMPIRE II.

  • Couldn't be more excited! :)

  • hopefully they just forget DA2 ever happened, and pick up from DA:O

  • looks like they are making up for the second debacle.

  • After playing DA2 i was disappointed by this series, but for what i hear it wasn't very loved by fans either. We'll see about this one

  • Looks grim. Like Game of Dragon Age. ;-)

  • Looks epic! But I'm skeptical that they will stray far from the DA2 formula. So I am preparing myself for another letdown.

  • Fall 2014 is so far away! But for Dragon Age I guess I can wait.

  • Dragon Age 3 yeah! I saw Morrigan in the preview. I wonder if they will have elves and dwarfs story lines?

  • I promised myself I wouldn't get excited about DA3 since DA2 was pretty disappointing but dammit that trailer was f*cking good.

  • I really want to play this.

  • Prepare yourself for the same 10 environments recycled over and over!

  • Game looks awesome, and the return of Morrigan might lead to more familiar faces, including the Warden! Look forward to this one!