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Five Incorrect Assumptions About Multiplayer

When it comes to big fantasy RPGs, players expect certain elements to be present. A powerful story, interesting characters, and satisfying progression are just a few of the pillars of the genre. Multiplayer is not high on that list of expectations, but maybe that’s because players haven’t seen it done well enough to want more. Dragon Age: Inquisition could change that.

Multiplayer is new to the Dragon Age franchise, and some people may be tempted to dismiss it as a half-baked or tacked-on attempt to expand an audience. Not only is that a misconception, but it also opens the door to other faulty assumptions about multiplayer and its role in Inquisition. If you have doubts about BioWare’s intent for this mode, these refutations of potential complaints should put your mind at ease.

“No one wants multiplayer in an RPG.”
The success of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer clearly demonstrates that some people do want modes like this from RPGs. However, if you’re not one of those people, that’s okay; the two parts of the game exist independently from each other. Unlike the concept of galactic readiness in Mass Effect 3, your single-player experience is not significantly impacted by your performance in the co-op operations. On the other hand, if you do play multiplayer, you may be treated to seeing some characters from the mode wandering around the Inquisition’s captured keeps. Apart from nods like that, the economies and progress between the two modes are separate.

“Multiplayer doesn’t make sense in the Dragon Age universe.”
Dragon Age: Inquisition is primarily the story of one hero who leads the Inquisition and establishes its power. While that hero’s tale is the focus of the single-player adventure, the Inquisition is far more than a one-person operation. It has agents all over the world, and since the Inquisitor can’t be everywhere at once, these agents need to act themselves to confront threats. If you think of your co-op exploits as a small front in a much larger war, the idea of multiplayer in Dragon Age doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.

“It’s stealing valuable resources from the single-player campaign.”
The idea that Inquisition’s single-player campaign is suffering seems a bit ridiculous when you get a sense of the size of the game. The zones are huge, they are packed with sidequests, and players are able to unlock even more optional areas via the war room. Even at this pre-release phase, exploration, combat, and crafting all feel like complete systems with plenty of depth. We won’t see the final level of polish until the game releases, but if anything is being shortchanged by the inclusion of a multiplayer mode, I sure couldn’t tell during my hands-on time.

“It’s Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, but with swords.”
Inquisition’s multiplayer is definitely taking some cues from Mass Effect 3, but it builds on that foundation to create an even deeper and more customizable experience. First of all, you aren’t just fighting off waves of enemies in the same location. You progress through an area, like a dungeon-crawl, encountering groups of enemies along the way. The paths you take are randomized, so the geography of each operation is a bit different. You also have more options between matches, since Inquisition has a crafting system that lets you salvage unwanted gear to create something you can use. For instance, if you are only interested in playing the Elementalist (a damage-focused mage), you don’t need bows or swords that you may get in your randomized loot. Instead of just sitting there useless, you can break these weapons down into crafting components, which you can then assemble into a new staff that you can actually use. This way, nothing is wasted, and you have greater control over how you outfit your characters. Of course, the whole thing doesn't stray so far from the Mass Effect 3 formula as to lose what made it successful; for a full breakdown of how multiplayer functions, read my step-by-step guide.

“It’s just a way to nickel-and-dime players.”
This implies some sort of steady drip of classes, maps, and weapons for players to purchase – which is only half true. Yes, BioWare will continue to support Inquisition’s multiplayer with new DLC, but it will all be free. New classes, gear, enemies, and operations are all possibilities, along with weekend challenge events that also carry special rewards for those who finish them. BioWare plans to provide this kind of support over the long term – even longer than Mass Effect 3, which was receiving free updates for nearly a year after release. Players can download this content without paying, but unlocking it means playing a lot of the game and building up enough in-game currency to buy chests (which contain random assortments of armor, weapons, potions, etc). If you want to speed up your progression, that’s where the option to pay real money comes in, but everything is accessible if you would rather invest time instead of money.

Are you planning to play Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer with your friends? Share your hopes and expectations for the mode in the comments below.

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  • You know, the best way to shut up the naysayers, is to make it a really good MP mode. ME3 certainly shut me up on the subject. I was right there with all the other people "We don't want this" "No one wants this" "Blah Blah Blah". I was definitely one of those. But then it turned out to be a hell of a lot of fun. The galactic readiness bit was a problem, and they fixed it. So, I pretty well shut my mouth, because it was good.
  • I'll try it out after I finish the story a couple of times. I enjoyed ME3 multiplayer for the time I played it.

  • A noble attempt, but the people this article is aimed at will probably either blow it off or say that you were paid off to defend the game. I, for one, am excited for the multiplayer and think it has a lot of potential. Can't wait for this game!
  • As long as they keep MP completely separate (as in it does not influence in any way) from the single player experience then I'll be fine with it.

  • I've said this on the other post, but "I'M IN!" If it sucks, it sucks. But they did well with ME3 multiplayer, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    It'll be nice to have them switch up the formula a bit, give it a fresh feel and it's own experience.

  • Cool i was getting it anyway i'm not shock that they added MP but honestly i won't play MP until i can do a Nightmare run thru without breaking a sweat and beat the game 5 times.
  • I would prefer the time and money invested into an unneeded multiplayer mode went to making more single-player content. Or went into the single player content of another RPG.
  • Great article, maybe it'll shut up some of the whiners. Open your mind to new experiences people, you might accidentally find something you'll enjoy.
  • I really enjoyed the Mass Effect multiplayer and I'm excited for multiplayer in the Dragon Age series I can't wait for this to come out.

  • I really enjoyed the Mass Effect multiplayer and I'm excited for multiplayer in the Dragon Age series I can't wait for this to come out.

  • I like everything I read above, I'm going to check it out.

  • This is certainly growing on me. Mainly because my concerns have been answered with the things I want to hear. I mean don't get me wrong, I would play the crap out of this anyway, but there were many reasons the first time I heard this news I was disappointed. I'm glad bioware saw those concerns popping out and regarded them immediately. Well done, I'm actually excited for this now. The only thing that concerns me was this quote from the faq on their website-"A full MP campaign would have been another layer of complexity, and we decided it wasn't the right time for the franchise to take on that feature."- I sure as hell hope you guys NEVER take the franchise there, that would be crossing the line. Not to mention the reason people love it its because of the stong story and world you've set up. So adding MP in the campaign would completely alienate the fans.
  • The only thing I want to know is, is loot drops free-for-all, or exclusive to the player so only they can grab it from each kill, etc.
  • Hey, no need to convince me. I'm 100% for this. Loved ME3's MP.

  • Honestly I don't have the time to fit in DA, but if they just sold the MP portion alone, I'd pay $20 for that.

  • No.

  • This sounds like a lot of fun, and the fact that ME3's MP was a blast just makes me more optimistic. And hell, I didn't even mind spending a few dollars on the Spectre packs since Bioware gave us all the MP expansions for free. While I'm most excited for the SP experience, I can't wait to give this a whirl.
  • I really loved Mass Effect's multiplayer despite being initially skeptical of it, it was almost the only thing I did love about that game and I am really looking forward to trying out Dragon Age's take. Also I find the idea that it's somehow diverting resources from the singleplayer ridiculous. EA is a massive company and Bioware has done nothing but grow under, whether that is a positive or negative development is a different discussion, but to say the single player is going to suffer from a lack resources is just ignorant.

  • There was an interesting article a while back which I think was written by Replacement Jeff. He made a really good point about the futility of arguing logic with a gamer. I think that stands true because often enough logic doesn't always dictates a person's choice and tastes. Take me for example, you can defeat me with walls of reasoning but I would probably never touch the MP portion of a game. I didn't do it for ME3 and I doubt I care for this. I would love to give a logical response as to why but the reality is that I just don't like it. It bores me and is as much of a tempting offer as jumping off a cliff. Others on the other hand maybe more open to the idea but that varies. You should just settle for the situation as is because you probably wont win this argument with your "logic."
  • I know people say "Just don't have this influence my solo game" But really I would like it if it gave little hints about certain missions in game. Like maybe fighting one group and a letter drops at the end telling why they were here, blah blah blah, influencing a decision you make later in the game. Playing it either way!
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