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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Learn About The Pause-And-Play Tactical Combat

The latest narrated walkthrough trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition takes a look at the game's combat.

In the video, which you can see below, you will learn about Inquisition's pause-and-play tactical camera. The mechanic appeared in Dragon Age: Origins, but was dropped for Dragon Age 2 in order to focus more on action gameplay. For Inquisition, the mechanic returns and is getting expanded.

For a deeper look at the game's combat, check out our recent hands-on preview.

For more on Dragon Age: Inquisition, click the banner below, and head here to read about the return of Leliana. 

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  • Glad to see that BioWare listened to the fans and learned from Dragon Age 2's missteps.

    Inquisition is looking better and better with every new reveal.

  • Off topic question; as Bioware said anything about being able to transfer saves from last gen to current? Are you even going to be able to do it? Also, that gameplay is incredible. So glad they kept the combat from 2, but brought the open world back from Origins.
  • I'm glad this feature is back for Inquisition.

  • The real-time combat looks a lot more developed than it was in DA2. Looking forward to this.

  • To be honest, the gameplay looks intense and as complex as you want it to be - that's really exciting for me.

  • Question: are quivers going to be in this game? It seems a bit silly for archers to grab arrows out of nowhere and would be a really stupid oversight. Also, from what they've show so far, I'm a bit hesitant considering that the combat looks more like the "awesome button" combat from DA2 than DA:O's combat. Compound that with the fact that they're introducing competitive multiplayer for some inane reason, I'll definitely need to wait for the reviews and rent first before I even consider buying it.
  • Was it implemented back into the PC version of DA2 or something then? Because thats what I have it for and I can pause and make decisions all I want.
  • DA2 action = tap tap tap tap tap
  • Granted there is time for polish but as of now there are some visual discrepancies from what we've seen before

  • I'm quite grateful tactical is back but it doesn't alleviate my worry either. Action and Tactical can not coexist. It defeats the point. If a battle needs to be fought with Tactical then theres no way action can prevail. If you can just action your way through every battle, then tactical becomes utterly pointless (why plan out a sweet battle when you can just faceroll it?).

    My great hope is that highest difficulty will make action useless and tactical necessary. It's the only way I can see this working out.

  • Man this game looks amazing. I'm really excited for it.
  • Combat looks good. I wonder if it's more like DA2 where you have to mash the button to attack or auto attack like DA:O. I hope it's the latter because I want to plan out attacks and let it play out instead of button mashing to see cool poses.
  • on consoles we never had the tactical camera to begin with. It was just a pause and dart camera, we were never able to zoom out, or move everyone until DA2, and even then it wasn't needed unless you played on nightmare maybe. But this DA is looking, and shaping up to be epic! I am still so happy they decided to actually make magic look like magic. The animations and cinema tics for the combat look so great compared to the other two.

  • for people who played these games i havent so far which game should i start off with?
  • I'm still not sold on the combat. A game that can be played "actiony" can't be played tactically. The beauty of Origins was that every battle won felt earned. With DA2, even when I played tactically, victory felt hollow and boring. If playing the game without tactics is an option, I suspect victory will be no more enjoyable.
  • "The mechanic appeared in Dragon Age: Origins, but was dropped for Dragon Age 2 in order to focus more on action gameplay." Why do I keep hearing people reiterate this idea? It's not true. DA2 absolutely had tactical gameplay. In fact, is some ways it was MORE tactical. In DA:O when you paused the action to order companion actions, you could only issue one instruction before gameplay started again. In DA2 you could pause, issue commands to every one of your players in action, and then start again. The Tactics screen was more detailed in DA2. DA2 also introduced Cross-Class Combos and elemental weakness/invulnerabilty. Bah. I guess it's just easier to sum things up in the manner used in this article. PS- I guess they are referring to the camera from the PC version of DA:O that allowed you to move around and pan in/out. This was not available in the console release of DA:O, however. I think the rest of points are still valid.