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Learn About Leliana's Role

BioWare has released a new profile for returning character Leliana on the official Dragon Age: Inquisition website.

This time around, Leliana will be serving as advisor to the titular Inquisition. She's grown up quite a bit since her appearances in the first two Dragon Age titles. To read more about her updated biography for Dragon Age: Inquisition, head here.

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[Source: Dragon Age: Inquisition, @dragonage]

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  • The only role with her I care about is roleplay. Just kidding guys, I play for the plot.
  • She looks similar to Triss now. Still, I like the look. By the way, how are they going to fill in the plot holes if you kill Morrigan? I am going to guess it never happened. There's too many plot holes in the games, but I guess that's to be expected with so many different outcomes. To be honest though, I wish there was a wider array of characters, I don't really care much for any besides maybe Sara. However, she looks like my cousin, so I am definitely not going to romance her. They said there wasn't going to be any DLC with characters, right? I actually like those, as long as there's a substantial questline and extras to go with it. Edit: Anyone else having errors when trying to post a lot of info? I do, but if I edit it later, like I did, and only have a few words at first, it fixes it.
  • I really want to read this... But I don't want to spoil the game for myself... STAY STRONG!!!!
  • Is she going to be less creepy in this game? Because I thought she was super creepy in the first one.
  • Did i miss a huge sideplot in2? I dont ever remember coming across her while playing. Still, i liked her in the original, even if she did take all of my kills.
  • What about Alistair???? My Warden and (well, Hawke)??? I believe Steve Valentine said he was doing some recording for DAI. Will i see Sten????oh this is so hard Also why not give us Gameplay footage instead of those leaked at game shows???Come on Bioware
  • She looks great. I'm glad they put in the effort to make her look more unique for this entry.
  • I just hope they address the choices made by the player in DA:O in regards to Leliana. I'm sure quite a few players were peeved o see her back despite decapitating her in Origins and have it hand waved with the "it was the sacred ashes" explanation in a BSN thread.
  • Bioware has wierd jaws for their old female characters(leliana, moriggan). Is that just me?
  • This the religious chick from origins?
  • Is it wrong that I want her to be a romance, the other male romances aren't that appealing.

  • SOOOO Excited!! Interesting that Leliana is the Left Hand of the Divine while Morrigan is the advisor to the Empress. It's like the two leading ladies of DA:O split the two most powerful women/people in Orlais between themselves. And Cassandra, meanwhile, is the Right Hand of the Divine, correct?
  • She wont be returning to my game.. OH wait I forgot! DA2 already *** up the whole thing where if you had killed her in DAO she will be back in DA2. I will pirate this game but will not give one cent to Bioware after all the BS they have but out since DA2 and ME2
  • Can you freaking dual wield swords or not???

  • Always liked her character and glad she's getting more of a spotlight. Looking forward to Inquisition big time!

  • So she no longer cares about shoes and nugs? Good to hear.

  • she really come back in dragon age 2 even if you killed her in the first one? Wow not cool. So choices really don't matter in ME3, and DA :(