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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Follower Vivienne Revealed For Dragon Age: Inquisition

Starting today, BioWare will showcase a different follower in Dragon Age: Inquisition every month. This month is the introduction of Vivienne.

The official Dragon Age: Inquisition twitter account posted the image of Vivienne, and says we'll learn more about her next week.

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  • Great, more news the better.

  • Oh someone new, I love DA companions I hope she and the new cast can live up to characters from the previous games.

  • I hope she's not bitchy about being a mage the way Anders was. The way that guy carried on about the plight of mages was absolutely sickening. When I got the chance to kill him, how could I possibly pass it up?
  • Maleficent!!!
  • She's supposedly a pro-Circle mage, so she should have an interesting point of view. Looking forward to more info!

  • Wow, that looks pretty stellar if it's in-game. I hope she uses green fire and shifts into a dragon(as she's obviously a mage of some kind).

  • Meh on this particular follower.. When the heck is coming out anyway??

  • This month is the introduction of Vivienne