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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Follower Vivienne Revealed For Dragon Age: Inquisition

Starting today, BioWare will showcase a different follower in Dragon Age: Inquisition every month. This month is the introduction of Vivienne.

The official Dragon Age: Inquisition twitter account posted the image of Vivienne, and says we'll learn more about her next week.

For more on Dragon Age: Inquisition, check out our coverage hub from when the game was featured on the cover of the magazine.

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  • Whoa! It's Maleficent! Anywho, I just hope they make Morrigan's and the Warden's child either a companion, player, or the final boss...
  • I still need to reserve this.
  • Interest in this game has continued to rise since the cover reveal on this page, but again will wait for after the game release to decide if I am going to buy it, but it is great of Bioware to spread out the racial diversity among humans companions lately. For this reason James Vega from ME3 is interesting from my point of view (Latino here and proud of it), I just wish he acted more like Paragon Lost (where he actually knew how to use a computer).
  • I need this game in my life. Lik yesterday.
  • ... If by "reveal" they mean, "show you a character you have known about for months" then this is completely accurate.
  • i liked it. it was very intresting.

  • Well that's a pretty good way to spoil a lot of the fun in the game. GI, if you guys be cool you won't post the name of the character and their picture on the font page with each reveal.
  • Hey look it's Aunt Viv!
  • She looks mad pretty, kinda like a pretty dark skinned Maleficent, there's gonna be alot of player's who want to get in her pants lemme tell you XD
  • :o This is exciting. Can't wait to learn more about her and the other followers.

  • Going out on a wild limb and guessing she's a mage of some sort.
  • Excited for when this comes out. Glad to see they're getting the steam running by focusing on the other characters you're going to have in the storyline.

  • She's classy beautiful.

  • Ugh, I really don't like the character design. Well, somebody had to keep Sten and Alistair company at camp.

  • Would be nice if she had hair but will still be banging her anyway
  • I hope we get another dwarf girl follower. I really liked Sigrun from Awakening.
  • First gameplay.

  • With 3 followers already announced, and one snnounced follower each month, we'll likely have to wait till June to learn more about that Male Elven Mage we saw in Discover the Dragon Age video. I can't wait!

  • Vivianne has some nice big lips.

  • Looks like a witch of some sort. Anyways, the detail is astounding. I'm so ready for this game.

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