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Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare Shares Inquisitor Concept Art

BioWare has shared some early concept art (above) of the Inquisitor, the player character for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. We still have much to learn about the Inquisitor, but we know that he (or she) is a survivor of a cataclysmic event.

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You’ll be able to choose race and gender of your character, with Dwarves and Qunari both eligible for selection in addition to humans. For more on Dragon Age: Inquisition, be sure to check out a recent gameplay trailer introducing the Inquisitor and Q&A with producer Cameron Lee.

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You can also check out our coverage hub from September 2013. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be out on October 7 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • WHOAAAA.... I'm looking forward to this game so much!!!!
  • I really wish this was next gen only. Really sick of things being held back. I understand the economic implications of the decision... however, cd projekt red has proven they care more about the quality of their game (witcher 3), than the size of the audience it reaches.
  • I have to be honest, I just could not get into Dragon Age, even Origins. Not sure why, just never grabbed my attention.
  • People would really follow a Qunari?
  • Qunari will more then likely be my second playthrough, if the game doesn't suck like DA2 that is. My hopes are high though

  • whoa whoa whoa.....wheres the elf?! i didnt want qunari just so you guys could drop the elf. it was supposed to be all 4!!!
  • Is anyone ever a dwarf?
  • Really looking forward to the game,it looks great.

  • Really looking forward to this. Day one purchase for me.
  • One of the worst things about DA2 was that they decided to limit playability to a human for no other reason than trying to create a new "Shepard". Thank god DA2 earned so much vitriol from fans, else there's a possibility we may have been forced to play as the "Bystander of Kirkwall" again. Especially considering they were planning on just have another human only main character initially until fans voiced their well deserved concerns.
  • "You’ll be able to choose race and gender of your character, with Dwarves and Qunari both eligible for selection in addition to humans." -You guys forgot about the elves, which is weird considering the latest concept art has a female one in it.

  • I seriously can't wait for this game. Way too hyped!

  • Probably gonna be a Qunari, they look soo cool!!!

  • I am really looking towards this game, but as with all my game whislist of E3, I will remain wary until I like the game.

  • As much as it pains me I'm opting for this over Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation.. That said, I'm buying all at once so I can at least look at the other two on my shelf. lol 2014 is shaping up awesome for gamers!

  • It is drawing closer. I shall pre-order definitely. Nonetheless waiting to see what other packs will be available beside those announced.

  • The female mage on the top right looks BADAS*!! This made me start playing through origins again, as a mage.

  • These are really cool. The one of the chick on the top right looks crazy.

  • I may have missed previous posts, but does anyone know if they plan on allowing you to import previous story lines? Also is there going to be DLC for additional story lines? Or bringing back old characters, I.E. Morrigan?

  • I am completely EXCITED about this game and cant wait for it to come out! Think I will pre-order asap. yup yup!