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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshot Takes Us To The Exalted Plains

We might not have a release date for Dragon Age Inquisition yet, but that hasn’t stopped BioWare from regaling us with the title’s beautiful vistas. The latest screenshot (above) shows off the Dales.

The screenshot was posted by the official Dragon Age Twitter account, and BioWare is promising another look next week. For more on Dragon Age Inquisition, check out our cover story coverage hub from September 2013.

[Source: Dragon Age on Twitter]

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  • I want it now! Without The Witcher 3, 2014 is looking rather dry on the RPG side! Here's to hoping DA3 is good!
  • isnt this from the last trailer? anyways very excited for this game,it is looking better than I expected with all the things the game will offer.

  • Screen shots of next gen games don't even do them justice till you see them with your own eyes.
  • Can't wait for this. I absolutely loved Origins, can't wait to see Bioware redeem themselves. Looks fantastic.

  • Awesome. It's always a good sign when I can't even tell if it's a photo or a screenshot.

  • It's so hard waiting for this...
  • For a second their, I thought that was a photograph from some real life place. Dang......
  • Looks like a photograph! I am impressed and it makes it that much harder to wait for this gem. What a great way to wash DA2's bad taste of your mouth.
  • Wow. That's one purdy pond. I think I might just have to buy a new PC.

  • WOW, those graphics are gorgeous. Only other games I've seen looking that good is Ryse and Witcher 3.

  • WHOA. That's very pretty.

  • Have to say I'm impressed. That's on par with what I saw in the Witcher 2

  • Simply beautiful.

  • When can we expect the new cover reveal? Anyone have any guesses?

  • Like a photograph. With everything I've seen and heard of Inquisition so far, I have no qualms about putting my confidence in Bioware to make another great DA game. I didn't hate DA2 but ultimately was not very impressed with it either. Knowing that Inquisition is going to stick more in line with what made the first great while bringing with it some of the updates that a number players found appealing in 2, I think they have a decent chance of satisfying the majority of those who play. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long to find out.

  • That's a screenshot, right? Lol, I thought it was a real life photo. Very beautiful.

  • check out the latest trailer if you havent at: www.youtube.com/watch

  • Can't wait for this game. Loved Origins!

  • Certainly a step above the terribly bland environments of DA2

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