There are few things as disappointing as seeing a really good looking dessert then taking a bite, and it does not taste bad but mediocre. This is the way DA2 left me. It looked really good on several points when I originally saw it, but it did not deliver the results expected.

As far as pluses there are a few. Graphically it was very well done, with a few minor glitches (that may or may not have been my computer). It also had a reasonably good sound track and sound effects.

Now for the bad. In-game content was disappointing. I had walked in expecting a more open world. Instead they give you a narrow area that you can freely move about with heavily recycled locations for quests with a few one time only locations that would have been interesting to explore more than once. There was also a profound lack of variety with weapon designs. It could have been much cooler to have ultimate weapons that actually had a unique look to them like the final armor. Next is the controls, these were not wholly bad, but certain situations limited your ability to view from certain angles. The ability to have in-depth interactions with your allies was also limited to certain locations or quests. A final issue was a feel of the game being far to short unless you do every tedious quest. Even then it went by rather fast.

As much as I have bashed it, I still enjoyed the aspects that it did well like combat, and the boss battles were pretty epic. I have played it a few times through, and the other disappointment is the lack of differentiation between being a kind character or a jerk (other than the relationship gauge which only affects what special passive they get and some late game decieions).

Overall it had the makings to be amazing but fell short.