When I was at my local Blockbuster trying to rent Dead Island I came across the game that was (hopefully) going to hold me over until the copy was returned. Having the played the demo for this game I didn't really expect to enjoy it to much but to be honest as the game begin I was...intrigued. The gameplay itself is fun but soon gets repetitive as you learn combos (for example stun,Jump strike,tornado) which will practically devastate normal enemies. The story is okay but it only seems like your actions truly affect everything near the end of the game, but as these actions affect everything I truly felt like I should reason with myself on the positives and negatives of a situation which is not what I expected in the least. The graphics are not terrible but I also was not blown away, and sometimes the brightness seems to jump sky-high randomly. A few major problems such as difficulty balancing, Teammate A.I., and the subtitles being to small on a standard definition television are what brought this game down in score for me. In difficulty balancing an example is a mini-boss I had to fight before my journey to the final boss held me up for about 45 minutes and the final boss took 5-10minutes. I would say that this is a game for anyone looking for a good game to truly get into story-wise and should be played to completion.