Dragon age Origins was one of the best RPGs of the decade so the hopes were high for Dragon age 2,I am saddened to report that it does not live up to the original game,however the gameplay failings are made up for by some cool story moments in the final 2 chapters.

The very first thing that will strike you about the game is its new art direction.The new art design is an interesting change from the original with a more exagerated tone that fits Dragon Age 2 well. The enviroments look nice but there are not that many of them, the same 15 enviroments are reused over and over again that really makes the game feel rushed.

The combat is the weakest part of Dragon age 2 the strategic combat from the first has been stripped away, replaced by a strange blend of action and tactical gameplay. Combat in the original required a lot of cooldown,and mana manegment etc but now since the weak enemies arirve in waves so resource manegment is pointless because a new wave of enimies will appear and throw a wrench into your carefully crafted plan.

The story in the final two chapters is the best part of the game, I stress the final two chapters because the first chapters story revolves around doing mandatory sidequests tos save 50 gold. The final two chapters have unique storys that make better use of the world of Dragon age,dont expect a great ending though without spoiling it they pull an NES JRPG style final encounter (that is so easy I played it all the way without pausing) that does little to make this feel like a proulouge to Dragon age 3


An interesting story for the final two chapters but not as good as the first




Chapter 1

Reused enviroments