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Dragon Age: A completely different game and story

A good game in its own right, the story in the sequel is sub par. The most disappointing thing in Dragon Age 2 is that it has nothing to do with the first. It is a completely different story. It really should not be considered dragon age 2. Dragon Age: Origins and the DLC that went with it left quite a few questions none of which are really even addressed. The decisions in the first game barely make an appearance in the second often a small change in dialog.The redesign of the game is poorly done. The darkspawn look cartoonish almost. The fighting while more visceral and fast paced seems over the top and repetitive. The map is very limited being stuck in one city 90% of the time. While the reasons to go to certain areas over again are interesting it seem somewhat repetitive. The story is good but just is not as compelling as the origin stories of the first. You are able to interact with your party more and most of the characters are memorable especially Varric. All and all though it is a decent game but it fails to capture the greatness of the first. If Dragon Age: Origins is comparable to Kotor in terms of compelling story and game play Dragon Age 2 is like Kotor 2. Decent but definitely not as good.

  • One thing you and many other people seem to not understand is that, a sequel does NOT have to be exactly like the previous games and neither does it have to continue the same story. Another thing is that BioWare told everyone up front that your actions in Dragon Age: Origins would have little to no impact, just because some games like Mass Effect carry over everything, does not make it the industry standard.