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Double Fine Happy Action Theater Is One Strange Little Toy

The newly released Double Fine Happy Action Theater isn't exactly a game, which is why we didn't review it. The downloadable Kinect title is more like a series of interactive toys, similar to what you'd experience in Microsoft's Kinect Fun Labs. Still, we wanted to give readers an idea of what to expect from it. Check out our video, which features me and Tim rampaging through a barrage of bizarre set pieces.

Double Fine Happy Action Theater is available on the XBLA marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). For that entry price, you get 18 wildly different...things. In one, you're trapped in gelatin, which warps and shifts according to your actions. Another is like an old-school shooter, with players transformed into energy-spewing butterflies. My personal favorite is the dance-off sequence, which you can see in the video below.

It's a supremely silly experience, but it's hard to think of a better way to get kids, non-gamers, or anyone who isn't afraid of getting stupid off the couch.

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  • Nope

  • as far as kinect based mini-games go... cool.  this seems to be the best one.  love the level of depth.  too bad i don't care much for kinect.

  • what if Double Fine is making a Parappa Rappa game?

  • They took the eye toys idea.

  • Is it wrong that I now want a kinect after seeing this?

  • This looks hilarious. I hate ending sentences like that with a period because it seems like I'm understating how hilarious this looks, but I also hate ending sentences with an exclamation point because I feel like I'm being too enthusiastic. This looks hilarious?

  • i really wish i could work with you guys. but until then. i will join the army.

  • wow

  • Idk about $10, maybe $5 max.  I think it was worth $5 just to watch you two crazy kids.

  • Haha, good video 'review' guys. I'm disappointed neither of you went for the Ginyu Force poses with the cloning game. Tim almost did, I'm sure by accident though. Bah.

    This game looks entertaining, but not for much longer than the 15 minutes you guys showed. All the games would be fun for about a minute, and maybe an extra minute for everyone you add into the mix. Sadly, I don't think anyone other than a child would get more enjoyment than that. I can't see paying $10 for less than an hour of fun. Cool game, but not enough content to warrant the price. Fun Labs was free, right? I think this game should be no higher than $5.

  • I wouldn't eat the snow coming out of Tim's ass.

  • that was so funny!