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Double Fine Happy Action Theater Is One Strange Little Toy

The newly released Double Fine Happy Action Theater isn't exactly a game, which is why we didn't review it. The downloadable Kinect title is more like a series of interactive toys, similar to what you'd experience in Microsoft's Kinect Fun Labs. Still, we wanted to give readers an idea of what to expect from it. Check out our video, which features me and Tim rampaging through a barrage of bizarre set pieces.

Double Fine Happy Action Theater is available on the XBLA marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). For that entry price, you get 18 wildly different...things. In one, you're trapped in gelatin, which warps and shifts according to your actions. Another is like an old-school shooter, with players transformed into energy-spewing butterflies. My personal favorite is the dance-off sequence, which you can see in the video below.

It's a supremely silly experience, but it's hard to think of a better way to get kids, non-gamers, or anyone who isn't afraid of getting stupid off the couch.

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  • Double Fine puts out games like nobody's business...

  • Meh. I'm all for developers trying different things, but I'd rather see a double-fine game that uses the kinect functionality in conjunction with core titles.

  • C'mon Double Fine! I want a Psychonauts sequel!!!
  • I can imagine one of the other editors walking by and just being like "Wtf are they doing?".
  • I'm guessing you couldn't do live commentary with this?  It'd be hilarious to get four or more people playing.

  • That video was hilarious. Those games really do look fun, I might have to pick this up. I think that the kinect was missing this kind of mindless fun in its titles, I guess fruit ninja is pretty mindless but thats the only one I can think of. I like that you just move on when you are ready, one question though, is the order random?

  • I didn't even realize I wanted an HD remake of Eye Toy until I saw this.
  • I actually laughed out work...thanks, guys.  Very creative use of the kinect.  With the right people, this could definitely be ten bucks well spent.

  • That dancing one was the best.
  • Mod

    I have no idea what I just watched, but it was funny. I don't think I'd spend $10 on this though...

  • This was hysterical. It almost makes me want to buy this, haha.

  • Almost as good as a new replay! That was thoroughly entertaining, and if I had a Kinect I might consider trying this out with some friends.

  • Mod

    LOL tim you seem to be really good at shooting stuff out your ass you must practice that...

  • Double post.
  • Eyetoy, eyetoy, eyetoy. Also, Happy Action Theater? Sounds like a lost-in-translation name of a Japanese game.
  • The dancing one made me laugh. Like, really hard :)
  • Seems like a fun game, for like 200 points

  • That's some good viewing.

  • Joel should play this :P
  • Gotta love the couch one!

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