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Double Dragon Neon

Billy And Jimmy Return In The Debut Trailer

Watch Marian take another sock to the gut in the first trailer for Majesco and WayForward's Double Dragon: Neon.

All the little touches seem to be there: from the hard rockin' music (I hope the other excellent tracks are included as well) to sepia-toned freeze frame to the over-the-top martial arts moves. It looks like old-school fans are in for a treat.

For more on Double Dragon: Neon, check out our hands-on preview from PAX East.

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  • This is gonna be SO AWESOME!

  • Mod
    This remake looks to be made of awesome and win. I can't wait to play this man. :D I have so many great memories of this and Bad Dudes!
  • What ever happened to River City Ransom 2?
  • I'm coming for you Abobo...bobo.

  • I think you mean Bimmy and Jimmy return

  • Where's the heart level up system??? Where's the flying side kick and hurricane kick?? I really hope this is a early alpha build of the game. Need much more improvement...
  • these guys need to make an original 2-D sonic game.

  • it wouldn't be cool w/o the charging to use the spinning kick/super punch/muscleman. almost the same plot as final fight but with only two characters.

  • Can always tell it's a next gen upgrade because of the jiggle physics. I would have just preferred an old school style looking, HD upgrade compared to this. Looks too much removed from the classic.
  • I would have prefered an HD 2D Remake, with good old 8-bits music. But still, it's cool.

  • was hoping they would show that famous spinning kick.oh well.

  • love the Streets of Rage elements, to bad it's a DLC game tho
  • Anyone else think it looks kinda slow and clunky?
  • 2.5D?!  Excellent.

  • It looks great except for one thing thats just about game breaking for me.  I cant stand the pink flashes of light every time there's a hit or someone hits the ground.  I hate that kind of thing in games.  If there was a way to turn those effects off Id probably get the game and enjoy it.  But if not, its a no go for me.  

  • Making it 3D only makes the game look cheap. Should have aimed for nice looking sprites and gave it the arcade feel.
  • this means that we're only one step away from a battletoads reboot
  • This looks really good. I love beat-em-ups. :)

  • There is nothing I don't like about this.

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