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Double Dragon II Remake Coming To XBLA

The classic arcade brawler is coming back…in 3D?

Yep. Co-Optimus is reporting on a new version of the game called Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons from developer and publisher Barunson Interactive. If you recognize the publisher name, it's probably because you're familiar with the Korean MMO Dragonica. If you're not familiar with the publisher name, you wouldn't be alone.

The project is headed to the 360 as a full 3D remake of the original arcade game. Wander of the Dragons maintains the storyline from the original: Billy and Jimmy Lee seek revenge for the death of Billy's one true love, Marian. However, the gameplay and graphics have been completely overhauled to present what will hopefully be a more modern and compelling action experience.

The game will supposedly hit in September for 1200 Microsoft points ($15).

Check out some gameplay in the video below, and share your thoughts about the move into 3D in the comments below.

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  • It looks really cool, actually. I've been waiting for Korean developers to push into the HD consoles all generations actually, since they have more technical mastery than Japanese studios, but have a similar eye for art and beautiful music. Really, they SHOULD be the best of both worlds - western technical ability and eastern presentation. So it's cool to see SOMEONE finally make a 360 or PS3 game...even if it's a DLG.

    The problem with Double Dragon is that all old school brawlers are pretty bland nowadays. You really have to "contemporize" the sh** out of them to make them interesting for more than 5 minutes. You need to introduce combos, blocking, and parrying like the God of War. Or interactive environments with loads of pickups, weapons and traps like Mad World. And tons of enemies that force you to use different moves, like El Shaddai or Ninja Gaiden. Or tons of minigames and leveling up, like in Scott Pilgrim. But these old school brawlers effectively had none of that, which is part of the reason why, say, Ubi Soft's TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled was so boring.

    Needless to say, I hope this avoids becoming boring after a few minutes. The rest of it looks great. Wish it would come to PSN too...if it turns out to be great.

  • Ugh...I am a huge Double Dragon fan but this game looks like trash. This series deserves better.

    The best Double Dragon is still Double Dragon Advance on the GBA. I would rather just have that game come to XBLA with online support. I know the original arcade game came to XBLA before but Double Dragon Advance has much tighter controls and appealing visuals.

    Man...I really wanted a great new Double Dragon game.

  • its priced pretty good ^^

  • they should remake the one with battletoads

  • Wow, the video convinced me to save my money.

  • I loved the 2D Double Dragon games from my childhood.  The graphics are not so great, but the game looks like it makes a smooth transition to 3D.  It looks like mindless fun.

  • This cheap 2D/3D look has to stop. It can't beat sprites. I wish more developers would use sprites more often, or redo the sprites from older video games like this one instead of producing cheap cash-ins. Just my 2 cents.
  • This game looks like ***

  • Some of these old school brawlers simply played better in 2d. The results that we got from turtles in time definitely proved that, because that game sucked ass. And it kind of looks like this one will too. The music is awful, Jimmy Lee never looked that roided up, and besides the screen shaking to make every hit that much more powerful looking, it was boring. I was excited almost at first, because my first thought wasn't it should come over to the ps3. It was more like, these guys should make Battletoads & Double Dragon as well, but now I'm thinkin these guys should scrap this game and start from scratch. Cuz this *** wont work

  • I could go for some hardcore Co-op action.

  • Looks good and very impressive remember the arcade back in the mid-80's early 90s. Some of you have not been born yet. That is ok. Google 80s-90s arcade games and you will know what we are discussing.

  • i thought there'd be a lot more comments about how 3-d beat 'em ups are horrible thing lol.  

    honestly, i think this looks great.  the controls look tight, tho this may take away from the fluidity of the graphics and movements, i'd rather the game play tight.  the graphics remind me of some old dreamcast classics and a lot of the camera angles remind me of some older 3-d arcade beat 'em ups.  definitely looks awesome. i dunno about 12 bones but i'll probably break down.

  • yes! i want beat em ups to come back so bad! although i feel this trailer is doing this game an injustice, it's like the worst way to advertise a game smh.

  • So should it be called a "remake?" I mean, the only thing this company is keeping from the Tradewest classic is the story and judging from the video, that's probably a stretch in itself.

    I love the Double Dragon games, but they should have given this one a completely new title. They're banking off of the DD2's title nostalgia, but you aint foolin me dude.

  • When are they going to bring back AVP the arcade game...? Thats what I want.
  • haha, I hate when they put a 2 at the end of the title as if it's worth carrying a 15 year old story along...

  • maybe a new story fresh may be a great thing,there has been a at least 2 or 3 remakes if recollection is right.