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Double Dragon II Remake Coming To XBLA

The classic arcade brawler is coming back…in 3D?

Yep. Co-Optimus is reporting on a new version of the game called Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons from developer and publisher Barunson Interactive. If you recognize the publisher name, it's probably because you're familiar with the Korean MMO Dragonica. If you're not familiar with the publisher name, you wouldn't be alone.

The project is headed to the 360 as a full 3D remake of the original arcade game. Wander of the Dragons maintains the storyline from the original: Billy and Jimmy Lee seek revenge for the death of Billy's one true love, Marian. However, the gameplay and graphics have been completely overhauled to present what will hopefully be a more modern and compelling action experience.

The game will supposedly hit in September for 1200 Microsoft points ($15).

Check out some gameplay in the video below, and share your thoughts about the move into 3D in the comments below.

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  • bout time!

  • Now that would be fun I haven't played DD in forever and a day.

  • I can honestly say I've never heard of this before.
  • I've been screaming for a Double Dragon Game since Super Double Dragon and Battletoads & Double Dragon: Ultimate Team up and now you're telling me that I have to buy a 360 to play it?!?!?! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • I played the first one a ton, I'll have to see how this one looks later. I've stopped preordering and buying most things on day one ever since Crackdown 2...

  • cool cant wait!

  • wish ths game would hit PSN since i missed out on the ninja turtle remake

  • maybe a copy for 3ds in the future?  

  • have to say I'm not impressed by this, the Final Fight Streetwise looked more interesting. I like that they did remix some of the old tunes, but side scrolling fighting games have been a tough sell in modern gaming and this gameplay trailer just looked boring.

    And I'm a huge Double Dragon fan.

  • Cool about the remake. Makes me want to play Fighting Force again.

    Coincidentally, I just read this article on Cracked about the WTF back-stories of some classic video games, Double Dragon being #2. NSFW Language, heads up.

  • No Battletoads? Do not want.
  • about dang time!!

    now on that Final Fight & Streets Of Rage

  • as long as its not like tmnt reshelled that game was horrible
  • While I love Double Dragon, this just looks bad. Kinda breaks my heart.
  • At first I was like (before watching the vid) "Gah! 360 snagged something else that I WANT, CRAP!" But then I was like(after watching the vid) "Um, ew...this looks really bad, they should of just updated the game minus the 3-D crap. Nevermind, they can keep this game"
  • It is about time. double dragon needs to be brought back from the dead!

  • They better add in the same type of 8-Bit music they did in 1 and 2...anything else doesn't belong.

  • its was just a matter of time for there come back dam takes me back to the good old nes days lol. i still the 1st better dam how i miss these games play and simple beat up games lol. why not make the 1st DD remake now that one kick ass lol

  • YES! I loved this game, Lets see some achievements...

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