The classic arcade brawler is coming back…in 3D?

Yep. Co-Optimus is reporting on a new version of the game called Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons from developer and publisher Barunson Interactive. If you recognize the publisher name, it's probably because you're familiar with the Korean MMO Dragonica. If you're not familiar with the publisher name, you wouldn't be alone.

The project is headed to the 360 as a full 3D remake of the original arcade game. Wander of the Dragons maintains the storyline from the original: Billy and Jimmy Lee seek revenge for the death of Billy's one true love, Marian. However, the gameplay and graphics have been completely overhauled to present what will hopefully be a more modern and compelling action experience.

The game will supposedly hit in September for 1200 Microsoft points ($15).

Check out some gameplay in the video below, and share your thoughts about the move into 3D in the comments below.