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A New Way To Play Like The Pros

Valve has given some insight into the ways Dota 2's replays will go above and beyond what players expect in a recent blog post. Most exciting is the "player perspective" camera, which lets you watch a replay as if you're looking at a player's screen. You'll see their mouse movements, UI interactions, and everything. What better way to learn how the pros own so hard?

The Dota 2 team also shared its thinking on the "directed" camera mode, shown during the broadcasts of the Gamescom tournament, which has the system automatically place the camera where it thinks something interesting is happening. The idea is to give spectators a common view so they can share a viewing experience to talk about. It's a nice thought in theory, but I came away from The International unimpressed by the implementation. I'll take a skilled commentator's manual control over the camera in a broadcast any day.

You won't have to dive into fansite forums to find interesting replays to watch, either. The game will have filtering built in, so for instance you can easily find the best videos to teach you how to play a new hero. This is huge; a game as popular as Dota 2 is bound to have a ton of content out there for it, so being able to quickly discover the best community-produced replays will be a massive help.

Finally getting some details on the much-hyped community features is fantastic. I've never had any doubt that Valve will nail the gameplay aspect of Dota 2 – the team is pretty much straight-up copying Dota-Allstars – but I have no such blind faith in the community support. This is a great start, though, and hopefully we'll get more details on the coaching system and in-game rewards for community contributions that Valve has talked about previously sooner than later.

  • I like this. I don't see why a replay system isn't in every game.

  • @boyzby Agreed every game needs a replay function. Gears of War 3 seriously needs it, sometimes I get destroyed without a clue of what just happened. :P
  • Interesting. This is definitely helpful :)

  • As much as I hate to make comments like this, Inb4 "Dud wtf is a doe ta? Nonone cares about this bro"
  • That's cool.

  • I cant wait for this, dota, lol, hon and all mobas for that matter are pretty awesome and with valve making one *shudder* all I want now is a gordon freeman hero skin. My only question is why cant I preorder it on steam yet??
  • SC2 had the player perspectives built into their replays, so it's not new.

    And I'd have to agree to question the reliability of the "directed" camera mode will be compared to a skilled caster's.
  • This reminds of League of Legends. At least that picture looks like it...
  • This sounds awesome! I can't wait to get this game. I just hope the matches don't last for an hour or two...

  • Normally not into this kind of game, but I'll give it a look.

  • I've recently got into LoL. So Valve making Dota2 is definitely exciting to me.

  • sweet! looking forward to the game

  • I wish DoTA 2 would take a hint from RIOT and make the minimaps similar. I can't stand the minimaps for the DOTA's and HoN. LoL's is so much "cleaner"
  • When did DotA become deep enough to need tutorialish replays?

  • As much as I enjoyed the original DOTA, i still believe i'll keep playing League of Legends.

  • mmmmmmmm.ok  ill rent it to see for my self if this is any good.

  • Totally excited for this.