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Behold The World Of DOTA 2 Through A Merchant's Eyes

There's been a lot of buzz about big cash prizes for the best League of Legends and DOTA 2 players, but it's hard to get excited about those lofty rewards unless your the best of the best. Today Valve released something us average gamers can get enthusiastic about -- the DOTA 2 Gamescom 2011 trailer. This video showcases Valve's trademark cg, giving players a look at the world of DOTA 2 through the eyes of a helpful merchant.

The anticipated action RTS comes out later this year. Be sure to stay tuned to Game Informer for more info on the game coming from the Gamescom convention this week.

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  • *** AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Also FIRST!!
  • That is AWESOME!!!!!! i cant wait to play that

  • The only thing about these types of trailers is that they are for hype only. The actual game will probably look nothing like that.
  • Valve, I love you.

  • You know what this website needs, HD videos.  

  • I don't play these kind of games but still the trailer was boring. Maybe it's because I'm always sad if I see a new game from Valve and it isn't Half Life..
  • But more importantly a hero needs money.
  • leave it to valve to make an epic video!

  • This game won't be as popular and loved as Portal 2. So why spending effort to develop it, instead of starting sharing info on the next Half-Life?
  • I CANNOT WAIT@!@!!!!!

  • I thought that was Ashe at first, but I guess Ashe was based on that character... interesting.
  • Well i have to get this one because since this is Dota 2, this will be the last one valve makes.

  • That was pretty freaking awesome.

  • May actually make space on my laptop for this

  • That knight did not just turn into a dragon, what.
  • Valve needs to just make a movie already.

  • The Warcraft influences are still there, it would seem. I'm surprised Blizzard hasn't tried anything against DOTA 2 yet. But, they never did anything against Minecraft either...
  • The presentation really pulls you in.  This looks like something to keep an eye on.

  • I recognised alot of wc characters. The asian guy? pandarian brewmaster. archer? Dark ranger. Mage was sorcerous, knight is leitenant/elvish swordsman. I even saw the demon hunter.

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