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Doom 3 BFG Edition

Get A Glimpse Of Doom 3 BFG Edition's Lost Missions

Doom 3 BFG Edition, the enhanced rerelease of the third game in id Software's Doom trilogy, features eight never-before-seen levels entitled "The Lost Missions." In this new trailer, we get our first look at some of the new content.

In addition to these new levels, BFG Edition includes all the content featured in the original Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil -- as well as complete versions of Doom and Doom II. The game's visuals have been remastered for current-gen systems and PC and are also viewable in 3D. The game is slated for release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime this fall.

  • One of the best packages of this year. The real way to play DOOM 3: Turn off the lights and turn the sound up.
  • Man, this game scared the crap out of me. That one stupid baby crying when I was walking down the hallway has haunted my dreams for years.
  • Doom is old!
  • I'd maybe buy this for Doom and Doom II. I thought Doom 3 was really generic and lacked the appeal that started the series. Was that just me?
  • There's a giant *** monster-demon behind you stupid!

  • How long ago did DOOM 3 original come out?
  • I am so glad that this is coming to PS3, it is going to be amazing...

  • the graphics didnt looked that much better though i thought it was gona look alot better. not that they were ever bad

  • all 3 for 1, AWESOME! looks really polished too.

  • Meh.  Already played them all.  Not too much to go back to.

  • Sounds cool, Doom 2 is one of my all time favorites.

  • This might be one of those special rerelease that I have to get.

    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection was the first.

    Hope this is the second one I have to get

  • Must... Get... 3.....D...

  • I might have to get this game.

  • can't wait

  • Game looks great. Looking like I will pick this one up.

  • great

  • I'm hoping this release is to increase hype for a Doom 4.  The differences between Doom and Doom 3 are night and day and even if id were to use the engine from Rage and just tweak it, Doom 4 would look incredible.

  • Oh, I am going to be playing the heck out of this game on the PS3!