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Doom 3 BFG Edition

Get A Glimpse Of Doom 3 BFG Edition's Lost Missions

Doom 3 BFG Edition, the enhanced rerelease of the third game in id Software's Doom trilogy, features eight never-before-seen levels entitled "The Lost Missions." In this new trailer, we get our first look at some of the new content.

In addition to these new levels, BFG Edition includes all the content featured in the original Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil -- as well as complete versions of Doom and Doom II. The game's visuals have been remastered for current-gen systems and PC and are also viewable in 3D. The game is slated for release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime this fall.

  • This is gonna be awesome!
  • Anybody got a clue whether Doom 3 steam owners automatically get upgraded or have to pay a whole heap to upgrade? So far, they haven't elaborated much on the PC version.
  • Funny how not too long ago this game was still looked upon as the high point in graphics, and now it just looks dated as all...well, Hell. Funny how fast things change. Still a great game though. I've played ti twice already. Once on the PC, once on the original Xbox. I'm looking forward to playing it again, especially since I've never actually played the expansion, and the inclusion of new "Lost" levels and both Doom and Doom 2 just sweetens the deal even more.

    Doom 3 on it's own is a long game. If you include the expansion and the lost levels, we're talking over 20 hours of shooter goodness.
  • Looks even better than before with no surprises there... ;-)

  • I remember drooling at this games visuals back in the day,now it just looks...dated,but that should not matter if the gameplay is as good as I remember...

  • God, I suddenly really want DOOM III....but maybe I should wait for this, or at least this and a price drop...
  • Looks like I know what my birthday present is gonna be ;p

  • cant wait!

  • I can't watch the trailer. I'm to young :(
  • Having never finished the original Doom 3, and missing out on the expansion, I'm glad I have my copy of this paid for. Cannot wait until October.

  • I love DoomIII and I am getting this Day 1. As soon as I get it, I am placing it inside my DoomIII Limited Edition Case which is still in excellent condition.

  • Sweet! I'm really glad they are updating this game. I enjoy the dark atmosphere (scary), low-polish world, and the let's kill some bad-$$$-demons game in FPS style. The extras will just be icing on the cake. Dang...ID's Lost Souls' screams still freak me out.

  • Game looks great! Much better than the crappy realistic direction future games are taking. So boring

  • Words don't even begin to explain.but here goes,f**king awesome!!!!

  • That's a lotta DOOM in one box.
  • It's Doom "series", not "trilogy". Between Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Doom 64, Doom 3 and Doom 4 - all of which feature unique content; they're not expansion packs to any of their respective prequels - it's really hard to claim that it's limited to just 3 games.

    I really wish id would get someone to remake Doom 64. Why it's forgotten, I'll never know, but that was easily the best classic Doom game around. The redone sprite art, the new level designs, the blazing fast speed - seriously, that needs a remake.
  • Still looks dated to me even with updated graphics.

  • DOOM FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What does "BFG" stand for?
  • I never got a chance to play the original Doom 3, and my cousin continually praised this game when it launched. I will definitely pick this up in the fall.

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