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  • Blog Post: Observe a classic shooter franchises 3 main iterations

    This is a really interesting trilogy. the first Doom is a great shooter, with a ton of secret areas and levels, and that classic doom game play. The second one picks up right where the first left off in terms of game play. The third, at this point (i mean who hasn't played the older dooms on 10 different... More
  • Blog Post: The Ultimate Doom

    Doom. One of the pioneers for first person shooters and the gaming industry as a whole. The real meat on the disc is Doom 3 with it's add ons, Resurrection of Evil (RoF) and the new aptly named Lost Mission. Doom 3 plays just as it did when released on Xbox and PC in 2005, the difference being that... More
  • Blog Post: Two great titles and one bad one.

    Doom and Doom 2 were absolutely fantastic, it set a new standard for gaming. But 10 years later Id Software abandons its roots to create something creepy and tense. But they failed miserably. Despite what many gamers say about Doom 3, in reality the game is really quite bad and has nothing that made... More
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