Doom. One of the pioneers for first person shooters and the gaming industry as a whole. The real meat on the disc is Doom 3 with it's add ons, Resurrection of Evil (RoF) and the new aptly named Lost Mission. Doom 3 plays just as it did when released on Xbox and PC in 2005, the difference being that the dynamic lighting is gone from when it first released. With that small gripe I would say that the experience didn't change and wasn't marred in anyway for me and I still enjoyed the title.

The game is a good solid 8-10 hour campaign and plays well for an aged shooter. There is a bit of a learning curve. Learning all of the enemies weaknesses and your own strengths, but once you do figure it out, you'll be mowing down the forces of hell as if it were second nature. When finished the RoF content adds a nice ending to the whole of the storyline, as well as interesting concepts with the Artifact given to you in lieu of the Soul Cube. The Lost Mission however is more of an hour and a half distraction(even on harder difficulties) and while fun to play can be afforded to be missed.

Also on this disc are the original DOOM and DOOM II: Hell on Earth titles. Which are a blast for any one who's a fan of a old school shooters. I found myself smiling as I ran through the levels and playing what was once the pinnacle of first person shooters.

Overall I was very pleased with what the BFG edition had to offer, and for the cheap price it's offered for ($20 at most retailers), you are getting a bargain for the amount of content.

Concept: Fight back the forces of hell in a classic FPS

Graphics: Dated for Doom 3 and the 8-bit charm of the original games can get a bit rough.

Sound: With volume turned up and a dark room, the noises and moans of the monsters will still scare you and have you second guessing their locations. The music does the job and can get droning on the original titles.

Playability: Takes a while to get used before killing demons like a pro. Older games take a while to get a hold of too.

Entertainment: A solid shooter that is still a lot of fun.

Replay: Moderately High