Doom and Doom 2 were absolutely fantastic, it set a new standard for gaming. But 10 years later Id Software abandons its roots to create something creepy and tense. But they failed miserably. Despite what many gamers say about Doom 3, in reality the game is really quite bad and has nothing that made the original titles so good. I find it hard to understand why so many people like the game. 

The Doom 3 BFG edition doesn't do the game any favours, the game looks ugly, it sounds bad and the controls are pathetic. The multiplayer is bland as well.

But the entire package is saved by the original titles and they should be the only reason you'd purchase the game. They are fun, challenging and just really cool. Okay they look really outdated but it's hard to care when you're having so much fun.

Fans of the original games are in for a treat, but those who want it to try Doom 3 should avoid it.

it's hard to give this collection a good score when its main attraction is Doom 3 which is a pile of crap. But nevertheless if you are wanting to play Doom and Doom 2 I recommend you buy this.


Doom: 10

Doom 2: 9

Doom 3: 4