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Doom 3 BFG Edition

Doom 3 BFG Edition Coming This Fall

Developer id Software and publisher Bethesda are adding more than a new coat of paint to Doom 3 for the game's BFG Edition this fall.

The game comes out for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, and not only features enhanced graphics (and lighting), but it also includes the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack and seven new levels in what's being called "The Lost Mission."

All the content also supports 3D, 5.1 surround sound, a new checkpoint system, tweaked controls, and perhaps most importantly, an armor-mounted flashlight. id's John Carmack also says that head-mounted displays will also be supported.

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  • Oh man, talk about nostalgia... Can't wait
  • whoa this awesome new grphx

  • YES!!!!!!!!

  • Doom 3 still looks pretty impressive. It blew my mind a few years ago. Can't wait for Quakecon this year; here's to hoping Doom 4 is shown!
  • I never got a chance to play this on the original Xbox, so I'm hoping the scares still hold up.
  • Bio Force Gun...just kidding.

  • armor-mounted flashlight? :(
  • Sweet... I'll probably get this, but then it'll probably sit there without me ever playing it like Chronicles of Riddick did, because let's face it, there are too many good new games coming out to be playing old games that were only okay to begin with.
  • I may buy it

  • Holy enhanced graphics and nostalgia, Batman!

  • Just release Doom 4 already!

    From the last time I played Doom 3, though, it has aged pretty good. PS3 owner won't be disappointed.

  • Just release Doom 4 already!

    From the last time I played Doom 3, though, it has aged pretty good. PS3 owners won't be disappointed.

  • Loved playing this when i first got my original Xbox. I've Always wanted to play co-op but didn't have Xbox Live. This should be awesome to play co-op and all the stuff they are adding/enhancing, can't wait.
  • This is crazy. This is absolutely bonkers. I swear to all things that are holy, just a few days ago I said to a friend "Why doesn't ID re-release Doom 3 with a nice HD finish on PSN and Xbox Live"? I was super close with my prediction. This is nuts! I was wondering why they never did this, especially since Rage didn't sell very well, even though it was a great game, and they could probably use the extra $$$.

    Maybe I can see into the future? Well, let us test this theory out....I see...Microsoft spending the massive majority of time on casual garbage in their E3 conference. I see...Nintendo trying desperately to impress us with the Wii U, but failing...I see...Sony revealing a ton of new content, but nobody will care or buy any of it...
  • SICK!
  • I didn't see this one coming :) Might grab it again if it's priced right, not worth $60 in any way shape or form imo.
  • Oh hell yes! Love this game!

  • Ahh, I never finished Doom 3 so I guess this will be an excellent opportunity. I'm really happy it's on disc too! =D

  • omg I love this game! Most scary game ever I am getting this when does it come out i can't wait I hope this summer that would be the perfect time
  • This is great. Now give me Doom 4

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