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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Dixie Kong Gets Some Overdue Screen Time In The Latest Donkey Kong Country Trailer

The latest trailer for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze gives Dixie the spotlight, showcasing her abilities as well as some new levels from the game.

You'll see Dixie using her helicopter hair, and you'll see her hanging out with Donkey himself for the first time. In the Super Nintendo titles, she spent her time with Diddy, and Kiddie, but never Donkey.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze received a delay earlier this month, and will be available on Wii U February next year.

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  • Screw Dixie and Donkey, I want a game starring Diddy with Kiddie as his sidekick. On a serious note, I can't wait, this is probably my favorite platformer franchise.

  • Okay, hear me out: I'm really tired of Nintendo's *** right now. They keep releasing cheapass side scrollers that, don't get me wrong, are fun (I love Donkey Kong Country Returns on 3DS) while what they should be doing is making platformers like DK 64 or Super Mario 64. Even the new Mario 3D Land for Wii U is going to be pretty much the same crap as the 3DS version. For the love of gaming, Nintendo, it's time to start innovating again. No more rehashed "New" Super Mario Bros. games anymore. How about another Metroid? I don't want to live the next few months knowing the only thing that'll probably be innovative is the new Zelda. Okay I'm done ranting.
  • Cool! This will be the first Donkey Kong Country game for me. Oh and those penguins are awesome!
  • This game will be so EPIC!!!

  • This is a day one must buy for me.

  • I yet touch never game Donkey Kong.
  • Looks totally fun and I'm glad to see Dixie return, as she was the last cool Kong character Rare designed (save for Tiny Kong in DK64, who - let's face it - was just a pointless replacement for Dixie anyway). The only thing that could be cooler is if Funky Kong joined in as a playable character in this :)

    But I'm still not happy to see the same lighting being used. Maybe it was my imagination, but in the last Super Mario 3D World trailer, at least a few areas (the sunset-y locale) looked like it was being lit with different tech. I mean, it's no Mario Kart 8 or Xenoblade 2, but it looked nicer. DKC Tropical Freeze looks the same though. Like an HD Wii game, albeit a very nice Wii game. Here's hoping it's on Retro's list of things for a "final polishing pass" before it releases in early 2014, and after Christmas it'll suddenly just look much, much nicer.

    I think that's pretty unlikely though, and I'd bet money that in early 2015, Monster Games will end up bringing "Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze 3D" to Nintendo's handheld with some minor concessions, but most of the game intact. And maybe, like with DKC Returns 3D, added content even.

  • I loved the last one, and Ive seen nothing to make me think I wont love this one too.

  • I'm sorry for this...but all i can think is "I whip my hair back and forth!"

  • This game looks good. Looks like a lot of fun.

  • I may have to skip out on this title as sad as that sounds. I played Donkey Kong Returns and it was one of the most unforgivably hardest games I've played in a long while. I even had a friend over to is really good at better hard games and even he was saying that Donkey Kong Country Returns was hard. The part of the game that frustrated me the most was the barrel rocket levels.
  • The wait for this game is making me... BANANAS!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Still being forced to play as DK instead of switching between characters? Sorry, not buying it.

  • Yay Dixie, it's about time.

  • Tots getting for my B-Day!  

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