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I would give this game a 10/10 but it's for da WIIU. 

  • Don't post a review without actually playing the game.

  • I agree with the guy who said why review the game as a player when it has not been released sounds like another XBone fanboy because their system is not beating the Playstation 4. That is because for some insane reason they think Nintendo would help make games for them if their WiU was not around. I say forget it if they made them for anybody it would be Sony because they are both from Japan.

  • Please remove this stupid trash GI.
  • How are you qualified to post reviews? This is just trolling for attention.

  • Good to see you don't put much effort into thought.

  • Brilliant. This story shall surely be recorded and passed down through the traditions of history.

  • Dude, Grow up.

  • Dude, Grow up.

  • Why hasn't this "review" been taken down yet?