Any gamer who is in their mid-20s by now has probably played the Donkey Kong Country series on the SNES.  The first one was great, the second one was OK, and the third one just plain stunk.  That's my opinion.  Either way, about 20 years later on the Wii, Nintendo released Donkey Kong Country Returns.  It has returned.  When I first heard about this game, I was sort of glad that Nintendo was going to take a shot at one more entry in this series (yes, this counts as part of the DKC series).  Retro has been awesome to Nintendo.  This is a very enjoyable game.  Here are the reasons why:

Gameplay (hours):  Great.  I'd say you'd get about 11 hours of gameplay in DK Country Returns total if you try to get the game 100%, not just finish the story.  That is a good amount of hours.  Believe me, it's time well spent.

Value:  Almost Perfect.  (This is a new category I'm introducting.  This explains how much your money is worth spending on this game.)  I'd say that it's worth it to get this game money-wise.  New, this game costs $50, what most Wii games cost new, and used is about $30.  I have to warn you, used Wii games aren't the same as used DS games.  Used Wii games I try to stay away from, because they already have some "scratching progress" on them.  If you buy it used, try to get one in very good condition.  If you buy it new, you won't be sorry. $50 is worth it.

Graphics: Great.  The graphics in this game are very good for the Wii.  Everything except for the cutscenes are great.  There are dark stages, sparkling stages, air stages, underground stages, and they all have great graphics. 

Concept/Story:  Above Average.  I like how they introduced the Tiki's in this game, but I would've sticked with the Kremlings with one more game.  That's where they should give up.  Everything else is the exact same, just with cutscenes.  And I've always liked that story. 

Lasting Appeal:  Good.  As with most platformers, you can play it about 2 or 3 times through, and then get bored of the game for the next 5 years.  But DKC Returns doesn't do that as much as the others.  It doesn't get old as quickly.  It does eventually, but not as quickly as New Super Mario Bros. Wii or something like that.  Enjoy it while you have it (gaurenteed enjoyment and you'll be playing it for about a year.).  Overall, it's really good.

Sound:  Perfect.  The music is spot on with almost every level, and the sound effects are one of the best sound effects that I've ever heard.  I found myself buying a soundtrack and listening to it pratically every day.  That's how good it the sound is.

Playability:  Almost Perfect:  You'll enjoy a session of this game as much as having a paid vacation for 6 months!  Only a few levels don't do that, but most do.  Especially those mine cart levels that we all like.  I just couldn't beleive how good this game is.

Overall Appeal:  Almost Perfect.  OVERALL, I enjoyed this game a lot.  One of the best games on the Wii I have.  I can't believe how good this game is.  This game is perfectly balanced.  Seriously, if you buy this game you'll be crazy about Donkey Kong.

This is a great game for kids, and a great one for teenagers, and a great one for adults, and-    you get the point.  People of all ages will enjoy this game.  If you don't know if you should buy this game, my opinion is that you get it, then play it UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!!  It's on like Donkey Kong! (I didn't invent that saying)