Donkey Kong Country is back. The Donkey Kong Country series is one of my favorite in history and I like many was a little worried about this game. I was confident in Retro(Metroid Prime series) to make a good game, but I was scared that it wasn't going to be as good as the original and leave me sad and disappointed in such a great series.

My fears were not warranted. Retro studios made an amazing tribute to Donkey Kong Country without relaying to much on Nostalgia. The game starts off like the others, except this time there are no Kremlings. I personally miss the Kremlings and King K. Rool, but the Tiki Tac Tribe is a good substitute and they serve up some really good, but hard bosses.

The Tiki tribe hypnotizes the animals of the forest and they begin to steal Donkey Kongs bananas, which you guessed, he is angry. Donkey Kong and Diddy go out through several areas to reclaim his bananas.

The presentation of the game is great. The graphics look really good, and the art style really compliments the DKC series. The silhouette levels are amazing.

The game brings back many of the classic elements of the series, but adds many new features. The new barrel rocket is one such thing. This is only added in a few levels, but it is really fun. Rambi and the mine cart levels are some of the things that come back from the past games. These old features are not overused and gives the game just the right sense of nostalgia. You can still roll and there are still barrels that blast you, but there are a lot of interesting gameplay designs, such as blowing. You use the blowing mechanic to douse the flames of enemies.

There are so many secrets in the game as well. If you really want to 100% the game you will be playing forever.

I wish Diddy Kong was following on the side of you like in the past, but still he adds rocket pack.

This game does a great job of bringing back just the right amount of Nostalgia, as well as the difficulty. This game is really hard and if you are looking for a passive relaxing platformer this might not be for you.

This truly is a great game which I would recommend to anyone!