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DJ Hero 2 Blog Guidelines
  • Dj Hero Review

    The game was ok but the controls feel akward navigating the menu is a pain and it just doesn't make much sense. More
  • Dj hero 2

    I like it how you could feel like a dj but the game is pretty short but is a good start for people that like house music and also for people that like to mix songs that you like and for the people who like to try songs that they like and make them to... More
  • last night a dj saved my life

    Being a big fan of dance music I was very excited for the release of the first DJ hero. When it came out i ran out and got it, and beat it in short order. After the last record had spun I was left wanting more and at times let down by the song choices... More
  • Ortiz's Review

    The game that allows you to act as a DJ AND own the competition is a sure fire way to excite any gamer PERIOD! In short DJ hero is a dream come true for anyone wanting to be the life of the party! More
  • If Mel Gibson Wants Something as low as him he should say hello to DJ Hero

    A Major flaw of Dj Hero is the fact that it is rap. Any one who thinks that they are special because they can rap is an idiot. Any one can rap all you need to do is rhyme words fast. The only thing that might amuse people is the turntable, otherwise this... More
  • DJ Hero Comes Back Stronger Than Ever

    DJ Hero 2 bests its predecessor in every way, with great new gameplay features and an inventive soundtrack

    ... More