Being a big fan of dance music I was very excited for the release of the first DJ hero. When it came out i ran out and got it, and beat it in short order. After the last record had spun I was left wanting more and at times let down by the song choices in the first DJ hero. The DJ and guitar parts were terrible (I actually played with no sound on them), the sampling feature was weak, and most of the mixes were short. DJ hero 2 takes care of most of these issues by having a outstanding soundtrack, smoother game play (no breaks between songs), and samples and freestyle sections that are pretty fun. Didn't really care about the new empire mode or really care for the DJ battle sections. But the game play and and fun mixes will have you bringing the house down all night. I hope they keep up the good work and support this title with good DLC and hopefully DJ hero 3 in the future.