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What you'd like to see in DJ Hero 2? (Very early, but still...)

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  • As fun and amazing as DJ Hero already is, what would you like to see in the sequel? We all know there will be one but don't know when... With that being said, what would you like to see in DJ Hero 2? I personally would like to see a full turntable rather than just one side. I mean there's definitely enough space for it and it would prove to be quite a sequel if something that big was added. Custom mixes would be pretty cool too :D

  • first of all it would be more realistic and very awesome if the songs in a setlist would mix with each other without the music stopping. To explain further  let's say there are 4 songs in a set. the end of track 1 would mix with the beginning or track 2 then the end of track 2 would mix with the beginning of track 3 and so on.

    I understand that would be more difficult to do but that's how djs keep the mix going in reality.  Another improvment that could be made would be to have better looking characters. It would be awesome if they had a few robot characters(daft punk didn't count).  

    Last but not least, Tracklisting!    They could get artist that aren't mainstream but are well known in the electronic music scene in various genre. Artists such as:

    Meat Beat Manifesto, Tino Corp,  Luke Vibert, The Orb, Aphex Twin, Dieselboy, Hive, Dimensional Holophonic Sound, Emergency Broadcast Network, Roni Size, The chemical brothers, Ming and FS, Fat Boy Slim, Prodigy, Del the Funky Homosapien(deltron 3030), and Dan the Automator.  

    I could go on but it would take hours to type each artist i would like to list. I could probably create a tracklist for DJ Hero 2 and 3.  So please GI pass on the message to the music director of DJ Hero.  That is all i have for now. Maybe i'll add more tomorrow.   Don't get me wrong. DJ Hero is a great game and the music is great (most of the time) as well. Hopefully they put some of the groups I listed on the next game.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for making an awesome website/magazine. Keep up the excellent work.


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