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  • It's good to see the warm reception this game has been getting. When GI first announced the title, I was thinking, probably like alot of people, that this genre is getting ridiculous. I felt that way until I had the chance to try it out a couple months back, and realized that it wasn't just a quick cash-fix in a very crowded market. I'll be picking it up for sure, though it will not replace my undying love for Rock Band anytime soon. The price-tag stings a little, and the soft sales of the game in my store I think reflects that. I guess time will tell if Activision see's a new franchise here. Xylophone Hero, anyone?

  • As great as I think this game looks and as much as I want it, I can't see it being any more than a modest success. If that's so, hopefully that brings about a swift price drop.

  • I agree.  I think this will be more of a critical and cult hit than a mainstream cash cow.  Tap Dance Hero will rock everyone's socks, tho.  Just wait.

  • Maybe it's because I have played real instruments and turntables, but I just don't get these games.  Guitar Hero is basically like playing Simon Says.  I got bored with it really quick.  Now DJ Hero?  This just seems absurd.  I watched a demo for it and I still don't get it really.  It's dumb.  If I was a popular DJ I wouldn't touch this with a 10ft pole.  What's next Beat Box Hero?

  • I was a little skeptical with the game at first, but I decided to pre-order it anyway cause I love the music genre games and I'm real good at them.

    I think the Renegade version is waaaay overpriced. It would have been nice if the regular version was $100, but oh well. A lot of people are buying it anyway :p

    I'm pleased with this game. It has my mind running at all times, unlike the Guitar Hero series.

  • Lets hope its fun



  • I'm debating on getting this or not. I LOVE any kind on music games but idk about this one. I'm also debating if I should wait and see if they come out with another one with an updated or better controller. Maybe ill just get it just for the hell of playing a different type of music game for once.

  • This is horrible, there are real DJs who do this....this remixes some dumb rap and hard rock...and stupid daft punk?! No DJ Hero creators need to visit a rave. This is a discrace...

  • Most of the mixes on DJ Hero are pretty good, but i do agree that some of the turntable/guitar mixes aren't that good. I also agree that the creators need to go to a rave.  But the dj setlists get better (except the crappy guitar mixes) as you progress. the setlists mixed by actual djs are the best ones in the game.  the scratch perverts have some challenging mixes that sound good. Dj Shadow's setlist is a good one too. Hopefully next time they will get more djs/artists that make d&b or trip-hop.  

    Everybody in this discussion should suggest some tracks so we can send it to the DJ Hero crew so they know to put better mixes on the next game.

    here are a few artists they should put on the next tracklist:  

    Meat Beat Manifesto(Jack Dangers),  Luke Vibert, Dieselboy, Hive and The Orb.  

    That's just a few that come to mind. Who else has names for the list? I look forward to hearing what songs everybody has for the list.  Anyway i think DJ Hero is a very good game overall.  but...

                                                    MORE DRUM AND BASS!!

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