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DJ Hero Blog Guidelines
  • DJ Hero

    Even though I’ve been known to hoard music games like they’re going out of style, even I have noticed a severe discrepancy in quality over the past couple of years. While most games go out of their way to avoid bringing new styles of play... More
  • Great

    Awesome game, great tracks, thedj controller thingy is really cool, its just really fun to play. I recommend it to everyone. More
  • Great game

    great game but the DLCs are too much. More
  • DJ Hero Review by Please Reconnect Controller

    DJ Hero Let's get this out of the way: in case you were wondering, I am in no way a "DJ," nor am I a "Hero." Therefore, when I first heard the concept of the recently released "DJ Hero" I chuckled to myself and scoffed... More
  • "Games"?

    All of you are probably saying OMG another music game??? YES another one and a BadAss one ...,but hey why you people don't say the same about shooters they are like millions of them!!!...,please just let them begin (the music games) More
  • Me Personally

    The game just sends me a picture that the creators have no other ideas. Still a good buy but me as a person, I don't think I'll get this anytime soom. More
  • Most likely very good.....

    .....but honestly, I don't give a crap. I'll give it an 8 just to be fair, since it probably IS very entertaining and innovative. But I seriously could not care less. Only reason I was into Guitar Hero in the first place was because of the ROCK... More
  • looks arnt everything

    it looks amazing i want it and the reviews and videos ive seen of it make it look even better but looks arnt everything so ill give it a 7 More
  • good but on the fall

    this game is ok but not the best the rockband series can bring to the table. the music game industry is on the fall. maybe not this year but before 2015 no one will want these game. i think if the rockband series had a golden egg to share it would be... More
  • Activision reinvents the music genre with DJ Hero

    DJ Hero is the most innovative and inspired new music title since the original Rock Band

    ... More
  • DJ Hero: A Hands On Review

    DJ HERO: A HANDS ON REVIEW The DJs players can choose range from fictitious caricatures to DJs modeled after the legendary Grandmaster Flash, the underrated DJ Jazzy Jeff, the late DJ AM, and internationally famous sample master duo Daft Punk (in their... More