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  • Blog Post: A Truly Divine RPG

    We are currently amidst a great resurgence of PC RPGs that borrow from the greats of ages past while taking advantage of modern quality-of-life improvements, graphics, and sound. Divinity: Original Sin isn’t just a great turn-based RPG, it stands tall on its own as an amazing title where players... More
  • Blog Post: The Kickstarter Darling Gets A New Launch Trailer

    With plenty of excellent isometric RPGs on the market currently, a new entry into the genre would need to be different in order to stay relevant. Despite taking notes from Diablo and Baldur’s Gate, Divinity: Original Sin’s assortment of unique features sets it apart for many. Original Sin... More
  • Blog Post: Co-op RPG Gets Spring Release Window

    Develepor Larian Studio's latest title in the Divinity Saga,the Kickstarted, open-world cooperative RPG Divinity: Original Sin, is now slated to arrive in full this spring. To commemorate the occasion, Larian has released a new trailer titled “Spring Is Coming.” Players interested in... More
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