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Divinity: Original Sin

The Kickstarter Darling Gets A New Launch Trailer

With plenty of excellent isometric RPGs on the market currently, a new entry into the genre would need to be different in order to stay relevant. Despite taking notes from Diablo and Baldur’s Gate, Divinity: Original Sin’s assortment of unique features sets it apart for many.

Original Sin promises to remind us of what makes isometric RPGs fun and interesting: creative skills, an expansive story, fun combat, and, of course, plenty of loot. The game’s official story promises to be non-linear, but players are also given the tools to create their own stories and missions as well. Many have already taken advantage of this cool feature in creative ways.

The combat is turn-based and players are given over 180 skills and spells for their arsenal. In addition, the game features deep cooperative gameplay.

Divinity: Original Sin earned nearly a million dollars via Kickstarter against its $400,000 goal. The title has been available for Early Access on Steam since January, but officially launched today. It’s available on Steam for $39.99.

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  • This has been a very nice early access experience. Watchin the game evolve has been a great treat that has taught me to think differently about early and kickstarter. Now to play the rest of the game!

    Playing 2 player is really nice for just the choice wheel. I tend to play the good guy on most games and my cousin.... Well we slaughtered way more innocent npcs than any of my mass effect type games added up to. (Except for Kotor. Wookie girl had it coming and then Wookie and since that pissed off the rest of the team everyone else, best ending ever)

  • I was waiting for it to be complete before buying, but launching it just after the steam sale, thats low >.>, if only i knew...
  • Ooooh that game looks amazing. Crap... here I go install steam... PS: Dimitir gt’khovt’ Dan Tack daaqena ts’ots’khali nakadi on am t’amashis LIVE STREAM NAO!!! Crap! Do I really need to go through STEAM to get this game??????????
  • Great to see this being well-received. I didn't back it on Kickstarter because it's not really my style of fantasy, but i'm definitely curious now.

    The real selling point for me is the editing tools they're including with the game. Modders will do wonders with this.

  • I'm totally intrigued by this.

  • If I was broke enough after the Steam Summer Sale - sigh

  • I loved divine divinity, even if the combat was broken as hell. Actually, no, you know what? that made it better. I'm happy to see this series continue even after the second one was, shall we say, lukewarmly received.

  • I helped kickstart this yo! Downloading it now- haven't played the beta and I'm looking forward to the game.

  • so many darlings, so little time

  • How I've missed this until now I don't know but it sure looks amazing. Going to download it now.

  • Is this PC only or will it be coming to consoles?