With plenty of excellent isometric RPGs on the market currently, a new entry into the genre would need to be different in order to stay relevant. Despite taking notes from Diablo and Baldur’s Gate, Divinity: Original Sin’s assortment of unique features sets it apart for many.

Original Sin promises to remind us of what makes isometric RPGs fun and interesting: creative skills, an expansive story, fun combat, and, of course, plenty of loot. The game’s official story promises to be non-linear, but players are also given the tools to create their own stories and missions as well. Many have already taken advantage of this cool feature in creative ways.

The combat is turn-based and players are given over 180 skills and spells for their arsenal. In addition, the game features deep cooperative gameplay.

Divinity: Original Sin earned nearly a million dollars via Kickstarter against its $400,000 goal. The title has been available for Early Access on Steam since January, but officially launched today. It’s available on Steam for $39.99.