Develepor Larian Studio's latest title in the Divinity Saga,the Kickstarted, open-world cooperative RPG Divinity: Original Sin, is now slated to arrive in full this spring. To commemorate the occasion, Larian has released a new trailer titled “Spring Is Coming.”

Players interested in the game, however, won’t have to wait to play it – the first 15 hours of content is currently on Steam Early Access and can be played for $40. The full game’s spring release window will allow developer Larian extra time to implement feedback from Kickstarter backers and early access players into the full game, according to a press release. Divinity: Original Sin will also include an extensive toolset that allows for players to create and share their own adventures, like a quest about proposing to your girlfriend for instance.

Check out the the trailer below, which highlights many of the fantasy environments players will be exploring upon the full release of the game.