I loved the first 2 Dissidia games and I was very excited to get Dissidia in 3vs3 with good multiplayer support. This is not that game.


NT is split into 3 modes, multiplayer is the main mode (as opposed to campaign/story mode in the first two games), the second mode is a bare bones arcade rush mode that pushes you from one fight to the next with no story or fan-fair. The last mode is a "story mode" which is so slapped together it might as well have been omitted (consisting of 20 minutes of "well here we are, lets fight bad guys"). The story takes place right after the events of the last game but that boils down to "hey I remember being here last time, lets fight badguys!" there is no character development or interaction besides that. Also you must player other modes in order to unlock each "stage" (aka cutscene) with keys, this game feels like a ported ios/andriod game with its timegates and lootboxes. Yep there's lootboxes but don't worry almost everything you get from them is a player icon (the 1 cm picture that appears next to your name). Otherwise you can buy battle music and costumes/weapon skins from the store with in-game-currency. Note that unlike the last two games there are only 2 or 3 skins per character and they do not effect stats in anyway, so there is no loot-gathering in NT.

Single Player (offline)

The tutorial will cover the basic controls of fighting but will tell you nothing else and does not give any details on individual characters. You can then play Arcade untill you get the hang of your chosen character. After so many arcade losses (all fights are 3 vs 3 and your computer teammates start off on the easiest difficulty, they level up and get "smarter" as you lose matches) you will unlock a memory key allowing you to unlock a single cutscene from story mode, then its back to grinding arcade. Unlock 3 or 4 cutscenes and you get you first story fight. Story fights bounce between stupid easy and frustratingly hard, this is because your Player Level effects the difficulty. As you play the game you get experience that goes to player level, this tells online players how long you have played the game and lets you Level-up Story Mode. In other words you have to play for X amount of hours to make boss fights in story mode beatable. Once you get tired of the boring arcade mode you can try out multiplayer...

Multiplayer (online)

For a game that focuses almost solely on multiplayer, online mode is a trainwreck. After picking your character you must wait around 5 minutes to find 5 other players in your area to play with. Then you are brought to a screen that briefly shows you each players character and player level. Again player level tells people how long you have been playing the game so whoever has the lowest number here better be ready to fight a 3 vs 1 battle as everyone will dog pile you. Once the match starts you have a 1 in 3 chance of playing with lag so bad its hard to see whats happening let alone control your character. Whichever team loses a teammate 3 times loses the game so if you have a teammate who has a lower Player Level than the opposing team, this match will last about 3 minutes. Ultimately if your playing multiplayer play a different game on another tv or the Nintendo because you spend more time waiting in the lobby then playing the game, that is not an exaggeration or joke.


The games is supposed to be a rock-paper-scissors setup but its so unbalanced that the saying falls apart. Each character is classed as either Vanguard (front line)> Assassin (midline)> Marksman (range) or Specialist (can transform between 2). Vanguard overpower assassins, assassins outrun marksman, marksman have spells to take out vanguard. However some characters have clear advantages over others. Some marksman can sling spells faster than assassins can move, some vanguards have longer reach and speed to overpower marksman. Some assassins have better dodge attacks then other assassins. Point is the V>A>M>V game is not balanced when some characters clearly overpower all others. Also unlike the last two games this one is much slower with characters feeling floaty and unable to catch up to opponents.


While its cool to see Final Fantasy favorites like Cloud, Squall, and Terra in the glory of PS4 graphics the novelty ends quickly when the characters don't interact and the gameplay is both boring and just not fun