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Disney Magical World

New Trailer Explains What Exactly Disney Magical World Is

The latest trailer for the upcoming Disney Magical World attempts to explain exactly what the game is and how it plays.

The game appears to take a lot of cues from Animal Crossing, allowing you to decorate yourself and your home, interact with assorted characters, and go fishing. On top of that however, you will find card collecting, the ability to take photos with Disney characters, and the one thing that's been missing from Animal Crossing for years – ghost fighting and hunting.

Disney Magical World, and its accompanying pink 2DS release April 11.

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  • Uhh...that snapshot of Peter Pan is kiiinda creepy.
  • a cash grab.

  • The game doesn't look that bad.... Hahah I might buy it just to see how it is for myself.

  • So basically an inferior, cash-in Disney version of Animal Crossing.

  • That home looks just like Link's in OoT

  • Looks promising...I hope it's not too similar to Animal Crossing, as that game has its own thing going and don't need to be playing Animal Crossing with Disney skin on it if anyone knows what I mean, and have both be unique experiences that are familiar yet different.

  • I though Peter Pan was Link. LOL!