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Disney Infinity

Jack Sparrow and Tonto Finally Meet – And It's Just As Awkward As Expected

To show off Disney Infinity's toy box mode, a new trailer shows Captain Jack Sparrow and Tonto in a collision of fictional universes.

Sparrow in particular was expertly animated to show off Johnny Depp's humorous portrayal of the character from the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The toy box mode will allow characters from multiple franchises, such as Toy Story and Monsters University,  to meet up, allowing characters from throughout the Disney universe to finally be in the same playspace.

What do you think of the latest trailer?

Disney Infinity is coming to Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, and PC August 18.

  • this game is gonna blow... a hole in parents' wallets.

  • Neat idea with the two characters, but I still haven't seen anything to convince me this game is going to be anything more than mediocre.

  • I want a Disney World simulator. It would be a crazy immersive FPS with a massive amount of NPCs. You would have to wait in lines, or you could try to skip past people which could result in starting a fight. Then security would show up, and all sorts of stuff could go wrong. There could be aggressive options, like pushing those motorized scooters that the fat (but almost never handicapped) people ride around. It would be really fun, and it could keep me from dying from not being at Disney World every day of my life. Plus, combat options! Those would be a blast, and the ESRB would hate them!
  • Lone Ranger looks so bad

  • The paradox hurts.
  • Tonto would totally beat Jack in a fight.
  • Turn around, turns back and sees a ad for Dynasty Warriors. "This is a Disney game?!"

  • I may get this, just so I can do this!

  • So much J depp

  • Spoiler Alert:

    They're the same character.

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  • To be fair, Johnny Depp does always seem to be right beside himself. :P

  • Classic. From what I hear, Lone Ranger would have its butt-whupped by any Pirates film. Only more intent on finally seeing Indian Jack Sparrow now.

  • Is it weird that I'm 25 and would like to play this game?

    HUGE Disneyphile by the way, I WILL NOT deny that fact!

  • Johnny Depp likes to play with himself.