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Our Exclusive First Look At Cars 2’s Infinity Play Set

Disney has given us the first look at its Cars-themed play set for Disney Infinity, and you can see it in action for yourself in this exclusive video.

If you haven’t been keeping score, Disney Infinity is the Mouse House’s new gaming initiative that pulls together familiar characters and environments from the company’s various franchises. At least that’s the marketing speak. For the rest of us, it’s a game (in a planned series) that combines video gaming with collectible figurines. The biggest draw is probably the Toy Box mode, which allows players to pull their favorite Disney and Pixar characters and construct their own play spaces and even games. (Check out the trailer at the bottom for a basic overview.)

As we revealed in our recent magazine feature, one of the game’s play sets is based on Pixar’s Cars. Players can play as Lightning McQueen, Mater, Holley Shiftwell, and Francesco Bernoulli, as they prepare Radiator Springs for a Grand Prix event. In the clip below, you can see Lightning coursing through the canyons and on the dusty roads around the town.

On the toy box front, players can pull a variety of elements into the mode, including ramps, flaming hoops, and gravity-defying loops. 

Disney Infinity launches this June.

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  • THE worst Disney movie, ever.
  • My little guys will really enjoy this. We're looking forward to Infinity (and beyond).
  • They do realize that this might contribute to childhood obesity right?

  • cars in merch sales made over 7 billion dollars... 7 freaking billion dollars.  to put that in perspctive; cars merch sales paid for lucas films with a few billion still left over.

  • Why would they pick Cars 2 and not Cars?
  • Eh, they had to put THAT much focus on Cars 2?! Guess they're saving Toy Story and Monsters Inc. for later. Also, how're Nemo and friends gonna cross over with anybody? Are they gonna have to be the colloquial "fish out of water"?. . .

  • Hmm, not too shabby I suppose.

  • Not the biggest fan of the property, but you can't have a toy box without some cars. This is quickly become "Pixar Infinity" though - where the f*** are the DISNEY properties? Stuff like Hercules and Treasure Planet would make for a better game. Not to mention, Mickey, Oswald, Donald and the rest HAVE to be there, no? It's not like Epic Mickey 3 is going to happen...

  • Wow your player sucks, GI. The Defiance ad in front of the video played better than that trailer. In addition to chopping it up, big time (thanks horrible buffering!), it just ended after the "Infinity Toy Box" footage started. Lightning McQueen transitioned to some nighttime stage, I heard laser blasts (I'm assuming you can attach guns to him in Toy Box mode) and then is stopped. The thumbnail faded in and the the whole thing minimized into the top left corner to show me the playlist of related videos and most viewed.

    Why do I even click on your videos? Why don't you just embed Youtube versions? You know we all have to go there to Youtube anyway...

  • This looks like kids would really enjoy this.  I have a lot of younger cousins that enjoy the hell out of some Cars.

  • does anyone actually care, at all?