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Disney Infinity

Monsters University's Characters The Star In New Screenshots

American International Toy Fair is giving players a peek at the Monsters University level of Disney Infinity in these new screenshots.

Disney Infinity allows players to jump into the virtual worlds of their favorite Disney movies and create their own levels in the game's Toy Box mode. Disney Infinity launches this June with levels based on Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, and Monsters University, which the company is showing off at the American International Toy Fair. You can see it for yourself in the gallery below, along with images of Mike and Sully's figurines and their in-game character models.

For more on Disney Infinity, check out the official website or watch the announcement trailer.

  • Unlike Skylanders, where Activision took an established game IP and shoehorned a toy mechanic into it, I think it suits a Disney property incredibly well. Not to mention it looks so much more fleshed out than Skylanders. Personally, profit wise, I hope it manages to bury Skylanders before it turns into a 10 year money cow.
  • Maybe this will finally end the childhood killer that is Skylanders.
  • okay new traditionalist, remember your classes... i will not trash this game...  i will not trash this game...  i will not trash this game...  i will not trash this game... i will not trash this game...  i will not trash this game...  i will not trash this game...  i will not trash this game... whoo!  i feel so much better.

  • Such strange choices for the 3 starter packs. Pirates i can understand bc its very popular and people like pirates. But the other two arent even proper Disney movies. Monsters kinda makes sense if they want to ride on the hype for the new movie, but the Incredibles? Wouldnt it make more sense to have a classic Disney franchise represented for this game when it comes out?
  • Okay, looking good. Sully in general looks weird though.
  • Very excited for this game!

  • If i don't see any characters from the disney afternoon like duck tales, bonkers , tale spin or rescue rangers or rescuers down under or lion king robin hood or even fricking mickey mouse then I don't really care what disney does with this game... They can suck it.

    Oh and i want stitch

    Oh and all the characters are off model from the movie sytle or what ever they are from and look stupid and horrible. that is not how the monster inc style is what the hell did they do to it? the characters in that movie used to look good.
  • taking on skylanders disney goin for it all hopefully if it does not sell alot they wont shut down like epic mickey

  • i am buying an xbox just for this game
  • I will definitely support this. I would love it if they brought some of the more classic Disney characters into the mix too! Really want Gummi Bears!
  • How do other properties work? Because I have absolutely no interest in Monsters Inc. or Pirates of the Caribbean, and only vaguely care about the Incredibles. Disney Infinity sounds like it could be cool, but it needs other, more compelling Disney worlds. No one wants to play Monsters U-themed stuff; Disney just wants it in there because that movie is coming out at the same time as this game.

    I 100% doubt that Disney Infinity can just be updated with new levels, thanks to those toys. Kids want to plop a toy down and have content appear INSTANTLY, which means it has to be on-disc. They're not going to sit there while a large download takes place. It's like how Skylanders does it, right? So are we going to have wait for ANOTHER Disney Infinity game to see worlds based on other properties? God, I hope not.

    This could be awesome; a game where you can play with all sorts of objects and characters and build your own 3D levels is something we've all wanted since Littlebigplanet. I'll be watching reviews, I just don't care about this stuff at all.

  • I'm really looking forward to Disney Infinity. I can see myself going all out :)

  • This looks pretty nice, but I don't know how affordable it's gonna be. I can only imagine the pile of action figures you're gonna need to play a decent amount of the game.

  • Lol.

  • This game might be awesome.