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  • Blog Post: Combat In The Toy Box

    Disney released a pair of trailers for its upcoming Disney Infinity just a week ago, and they're back with more. This time, the focus is on combat. Think of the clip below as a sort of mash-up bash-up. The action is set in the game's freeform toy box mode, which means you're going to see... More
  • Blog Post: New Disney Infinity Trailer Shows Off Pirates Of The Caribbean

    Disney Interactive is getting in on the Skylanders toys-n-games genre with its own massively popular characters. Now we get to take at Jack Sparrows' world. The good captain and rivals Barbossa and Davy Jones are included in the starter pack alongside characters and content from The Incredibles and... More
  • Blog Post: Toy Box Mode Takes Center Stage In New Disney Infinity Video

    Disney is releasing a series of new Disney Infinity videos, starting off with a look at the game's free-form Toy Box mode. The clip is heavy on grainy footage of kids goofing around, but it does provide a few nice shots of the game in question. We've seen a fair chunk of Toy Box mode since it... More
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