There are two things I have always and will always be a fan of, everything Disney and RPGs (Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy especially), So when I heard about Epic Mickey I got extremely excited. The game looked like a Kingdom Hearts game, where you travel through different Disney locations, except you are playing as Mickey instead of an original character. I loved the idea of revisiting the classic Mickey cartoons and I was ecstatic when I saw that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was finally making a return. When I finally got the chance to play the game though, it didn't live up to the hype I thought it would. 

The game had a great concept, Mickey causes the "Thinner Disaster" in the world Yen Sid created and Mickey, the kind-hearted mouse, he is goes in to save the painted world.

The concept and story of the game was the one thing that kept me going to the end and it was a great resolution, but the gameplay and camera angles made playing the game rather frustrating. 

Multiple times I died in the game because I couldn't see where I was going. The platforming in the game was also very annoying and I constantly fell from high places which also caused me to die (though that might also be a fault of the camera system). 

The gameplay and camera may have been frustrating to me, but mind you, I do have one arm, so I played the game with a handicap. With this is mind, it was hard to really hate the game when some of the gaming mistakes were my fault as well.

Besides the gameplay that I had problems with, I thought the graphics were REALLY GOOD for a Wii game. Seriously they blew my mind how good they were. 

All the locations you go to (though small) are very nostalgic and fun to go to and it's fun interacting with classic Disney characters like Horace and Claribelle. The Disney cartoons you travel through to get to the overworlds are also very fun side scrolling levels. From Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's "Oh what a Knight!" cartoon to Disney's "Fantasia", fans of all ages can find a sense of nostalgia while playing this game. 

This game is much longer than I thought it would be. There are an abundance of side missions and every time you think the game is about to end, you get thrown into a new area. It was fun for a while but I ended up getting frustrated and wanting to end the game already.

Overall, the story is what really hooked me into this game. I had fun learning more about Disney's past and playing side scrolling levels based on classic Disney cartoons. The 3D areas bothered me with the controls, but that may be my handicap. I will definitely play the sequel (especially sine it'll be multi-platform) and I recommend this game to anyone that's a fan of classic Disney.